What is the cost of fly ash bricks machine?

What is the cost of fly ash bricks machine?

Questions & Answers on Fly Ash Brick Making Machine

Automation Grade Min Price Max Price
Automatic Rs 1550000/Piece Rs 2500000/Piece
Automatic Rs 610000/Set Rs 1975000/Set
Manual Rs 150000/Piece Rs 750000/Piece
Semi-Automatic Rs 270000/Piece Rs 1600000/Piece

Is fly ash brick business profitable?

The fly ash brick-making machine comes in various models and capacities as it can make 1000 to 10000 bricks per hour. The price of this machine ranges from Rs 10-13 lakh. You can sell around 5 lakh bricks for Rs 40 lakh. In this way, after deducting all the expenses, a profit of about Rs 4.90 lakh can be earned.

What is the price of brick making machine?

Questions & Answers on Brick Making Machines

Automation Grade Min Price Max Price
Automatic Rs 1550000/Piece Rs 3000000/Piece
Manual Rs 60000/Piece Rs 350000/Piece
Semi-Automatic Rs 110000/Piece Rs 2500000/Piece

How do you start fly ash brick manufacturing?

How to start a fly ash brick-making business? Fly ash brick making business requires land according to the production capacity of fly ash bricks machine. It will be anywhere from 20000 to 50000 square feet. The fly ash bricks making business require 15 to 20 labors for making 7000 to 20000 bricks in 8 hours.

Is pollution certificate required for fly ash bricks?

Conservation of natural resources, like soil, sand etc. Fly ash bricks are now widely used in construction of buildings, pavements, boundary wall etc. For quality assurance and increase in market value, fly ash bricks need certification by BIS.

What are the merits and demerits of fly ash bricks?

Advantages. It reduces dead load on structures due to light weight (2.6 kg, dimension: 230 mm X 110 mm X 70 mm). Due to high strength, practically no breakage during transport and use. Due to uniform size of bricks mortar required for joints and plaster reduces almost by 50%.

Is cement brick factory profitable?

Is the brick manufacturing business a profitable venture or not? Yes, it is, else India would not be the second-highest brick manufacturing country in the world.

Which mortar is used for brick machinery?

Bricklayers typically make mortars using a mixture of sand, a binder, and water. The most common binder since the early 20th century is Portland cement, but the ancient binder lime mortar is still used in some specialty new construction.

What is the size of fly ash brick?

Fly-ash Bricks Size (Inches): 9 In. X 4 In. X 3 In

Shape Rectendular
Size (Inches) 9 In. X 4 In. X 3 In.
For Use in Partition Walls, Side Walls

How much profit does a brick company make?

Brick manufacturing business owners earn an average of INR 1 for each brick produced. As indicated before, large brick manufacturing kilns produce 30,000 – 40,000 bricks each day. With a good quality ratio of raw materials, bricks are sold in high demand.

How do you check the quality of fly ash bricks?

Testing Process – Immerse completely dried specimen in clean water at a temperature of 270C (+/-) 20C for 24 hours. Remove the specimen and wipe out any traces of water with a damp cloth and weigh the specimen. Complete the weighing 3 minutes after the specimen has been removed from water (M2).