What is the best exercise for Infraspinatus?

What is the best exercise for Infraspinatus?

The side-lying wiper exercise is a novel and effective exercise for selectively activating the infraspinatus muscle while minimizing the use of the posterior deltoid and middle trapezius muscles.

How do I strengthen my Infraspinatus?

Previous studies have reported that prone external rotation with horizontal abduction (PER), side-lying wiper exercise (SWE), and standing external rotation (STER) were effective exercises for strengthening the infraspinatus.

How can you tell the difference between infraspinatus and teres minor?

These two muscles lies below the scapular spine and are external rotators of the shoulder. Infraspinatus primarily acts with the arm in neutral and Teres Minor is more active with external rotation in 90 degrees of abduction.

How do I strengthen my posterior deltoid?

5 Exercises to Improve Posterior Deltoid Strength

  1. Single Arm Bent Over Rows. Share on Pinterest.
  2. Standing Bent Over Lateral Raises. Share on Pinterest.
  3. Cable Machine High Pull with Ropes. Share on Pinterest.
  4. Rear Deltoid Machine. Share on Pinterest.
  5. Assisted Pullups. Share on Pinterest.

What does Infraspinatus feel like?

Infraspinatus tendon tears frequently occur in overhead athletes, as a result of overuse injury, or in chronic shoulder instability. The main complaints are pain while sleeping, weakness in the affected arm, and inability to move the arm in certain motions.

What is the Hornblower test?

Technique. The patient is seated or standing. The examiner places the patient’s arm to 90oin the scapular plane and flexes the elbow to 90o. The patient is then asked to externally rotate against resistance. The test is positive if the patient is unable to perform external rotation.

Does Infraspinatus abduct?

Infraspinatus is the main external rotator of the shoulder joint. It assists in producing shoulder extension. With the arm fixed, it abducts the inferior angle of the scapula.

How do I exercise my infraspinatus muscle?

Position the ball between your infraspinatus and a sturdy wall. Hold pressure on infraspinatus, preferably the sorest spot. Score bonus points if this technique sends pain down your arm–referred pain means you’ve landed on a giant, juicy knot (known to physiology nerds as an active trigger point ). My patients love this exercise.

What is the infraspinatus muscle?

The infraspinatus muscle contributes to shoulder pain. Tight spots in this muscle, called trigger points, cause shoulder pain and referred pain down the arm. Many people with tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow find relief with trigger point treatments for the infraspinatus.

How to strengthen the infraspinatus and teres minor?

To perform this exercise, gently press into the wall or doorframe. Use a towel for padding. Hold for a few seconds, then relax. Start with light effort to avoid pain and keep your wall intact. Research ( 3) suggests this is the best exercise to strengthen the infraspinatus and teres minor–and it’s easy to progress.