What is the advantage of Lon scan?

What is the advantage of Lon scan?

The results demonstrated that this method can meet the need of rapid screening of unknown derivatives of phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors in complex matrix, and prevent unknown derivatives undetected. This method shows advantages in sensitivity, specificity and efficiency, and is worth to be further investigated.

What Ionscan 600?

IONSCAN 600 is a highly sensitive, non-radioactive, lightweight, portable desktop system that detects and identifies trace amounts of explosives and narcotics.

How does explosive detection system work?

Colorimetric detection of explosives involves applying a chemical reagent to an unknown material or sample and observing a color reaction. Common color reactions are known and indicate to the user if there is an explosive material present and in many cases the group of explosive from which the material is derived.

How much is an Ionscan 600?

Ionscan 600

Expected Operational Life 10 years of normal operation
Shelf Life >5 years
Unit Cost $29,900.00
Tested For Chemical Agents Not Applicable

Can scanners detect drugs?

Ion scanners are able to detect trace amounts of illegal substances as low as 0.01 nanograms, or 1/100 billionth of a gram – an amount smaller than a single grain of refined sugar, and completely invisible to the naked eye.

How does ion mobility spectrometry work?

In an ion mobility spectrometer, organic molecules are ionized and driven by an electric field against a counterflow of neutral drift gas. In their way to the detector, the ions collide multiple times with the drift gas, which reduce their speed. After each collision, ions are accelerated again by the imposed field.

Can plastic explosives be detected?

In fact plastic explosives are very good detected by particle detection because the mass of traces fixed by fingerprints on surfaces are fully sufficient for detection.

Can dogs smell C4?

Dogs are also trained to operate on trains and aircraft. T.S.A. trainers began the dogs’ instruction by teaching them to recognize the scent of various chemicals that are commonly used in explosives such as TNT, C4, commercial dynamite and Semtex. dogs can detect are closely guarded.

What is ETD machine?

Explosives trace detectors (ETD) are explosive detection equipment able to detect explosives of small magnitude. The detection is accomplished by sampling non-visible “trace” amounts of particulates. Stephen Lee is credited with inventing the Fido explosives detector while working at the Army Research Laboratory.

Can TSA see my tampon?

To my surprise I found reports of women getting extra security screening because their panty liners, pads, tampons or menstrual cups were detected by the full body scanner. Here’s the thing, the TSA agents need to do their job but a woman shouldn’t have to go through a pat down just because she’s on her period.

What is the Ionscan 500dt?

IONSCAN 500DT The IONSCAN 500DT is a highly sensitive desktop trace detector used to accurately detect and identify a wide range of military, commercial and homemade explosives threats and common illegal/controlled narcotics.

Why choose a custom DSA detection 500dt?

DSA Detection produces these and all 500DT consumables in small batches, testing each batch, every time, with the highest of standards. The packaging of DSA’s calibration and sample traps has been engineered to fit perfectly inside our optional dispensing box for the busiest security checkpoints to ensure the product is free from contamination.

Why does the Smiths Detection Ionscan™ 500dt require verification?

The Smiths Detection IONSCAN™ 500DT requires verification to ensure accurate detection. DSA Detection produces these and all 500DT consumables in small batches, testing each batch, every time, with the highest of standards.