What is SP and LP?

What is SP and LP?

You may have noticed that your camcorder or VCR supports different recording modes. These are commonly abbreviated by the letters SP, LP and EP. SP is short for Standard Play. LP is short for Long Play. Long play allows you to record much more information at the expense of quality.

What is XP SP LP EP?

EP is extended play, LP is long play, SP is standard play, and XP is high quality. EP speed on the DVD is for 8 hours or it can be set to 6 hours if you go to setup, then disc, then settings for recording, and choose 6 hours.

What are SP records?

SP or Single (Eng. Single Play) – originally a record, on each side of which was placed only one musical composition. The term single appeared in the 1950s to denote the difference between long-playing and single-, two-song records.

What does SP and SLP mean on a VCR?

SP (Standard Play) was the fastest speed and gave the best picture: about 240 horizontal lines of resolution. In SP mode, a camcorder or VCR would record 2 hours (120 minutes) on a T-120 tape. SLP (Super Long Play) or EP (Extended Play) was the slowest speed, recording 6 hours on a T-120 tape.

What is the difference between SP and SLP?

SP is standard play, LP is long play ( 1⁄2 speed, equal to recording time in DVHS “HS” mode), EP/SLP is extended/super long play ( 1⁄3 speed) which was primarily released into the NTSC market.

How long is SP on a VHS tape?

about 2 hours
Available recording times for VHS A T-120 VHS tap at Standard Play (SP) equals about 2 hours, as stated previously. If it’s a Long Play (LP) mode, it could be a recording of up to 4 hours, and if it’s in Extended Play (EP), you could be in for the long haul with a recorded time of 6 hours.

Is SLP the same as EP?

EP is indeed the same as SLP. I don’t remember exactly when, or why, but SLP was renamed in the early 1990s. It was probably due to confusion with the same letters being used to distinguish the mode.

Is LP the same as vinyl?

An LP, in music, is a long-playing vinyl record. Often, the term LP is used to refer to a 33 and one-third rpm microgroove vinyl record. As music became available in digital formats, LP music soon referred to track numbers. In most cases, an LP album is a 10 to 12-track album.

What are the 3 sizes of records?

Vinyl record sizes differ based on how much music is stored on the surface of the disk. Records come in three standard sizes: 7-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch.

What is VHS SLP mode?

What does SLP stand for?

Speech-language pathologists, also called SLPs, are experts in communication. SLPs work with people of all ages, from babies to adults. SLPs treat many types of communication and swallowing problems. These include problems with: Speech sounds—how we say sounds and put sounds together into words.

Why is vinyl called LP?

LP stands for ‘Long Play. ‘ These are longer than EP’s, originally needing two vinyl per release until the 33 1/3rpm 12-inch record was released. LP’s and albums are where artists are often judged quite heavily as it shows their audience how capable they are at pulling together a large, cohesive project. …

What is the difference between SP and LP recording?

Usually, SP moves the tape at 18.812 mm/sec and LP moves at a 12.56 mm/sec. Generally, recordings by LP are 1.5 times longer than the standard mode. The modes are generally supported by SP and LP recorders. Some other high quality modes are Stereo (ST), high Quality (HQ), Stereo Standard Play (SSP), etc. Comparison between SP and LP Recording:

What is the difference between XP and SP DVD player?

Beat me to it-XP is best quality (1 hr per dvd) SP is standard play (2 hrs per dvd) then you have long play,extended play.super long play,super extended play- i think-you`re better off sticking to XP and SP.On my Panasonic I use nothing else.LP/EP is okay for archiving VHS for example where the picture is pretty poor to start with.

What is the difference between standard play and LP?

Standard play allows you to record information onto the tape the way it was intended, with no quality loss. By default, VCRs and camcorders will record your footage as standard play. On a standard VHS tape, recording footage in SP mode will yield 2 hours of video. LP is short for Long Play.

What does LP stand for on a DVD player?

LP (long play): Can fit 3 hours and 40 minutes on a 4.7gig capacity dvd. This kind of quality looks like a video CD. Use only if it’s your last resort.