What is SITA in airline industry?

What is SITA in airline industry?

SITA is the world’s leading specialist in air transport communications and information technology. We don’t just connect the global aviation industry. We apply decades of experience and expertise to address almost every core business, operational, baggage, and passenger process in air transport.

Where is SITA headquarters?

Geneva, Switzerland

Why SITA company?

SITA is a multinational information technology company providing IT and telecommunication services to the air transport industry….SITA (company)

Industry Air transport communications and information technology
Founded 1949
Headquarters Geneva , Switzerland
Area served Over 200 countries and territories

Who are SITA’s competitors?

SITA’s competitors SITA’s top competitors include Signature Aviation, Likewize, Amadeus, Icelandair and SACC. SITA is a company that provides services with a focus on air transport communications and information technology.

Is SITA a non profit?

As a not-for-profit organization, SITA returns to members each year any over-recovery we make in providing network services to the industry.

Who is the CEO for Sita?

Luvuyo Keyise
Chief Executive Officer: Luvuyo Keyise, Mr SITA Head Office, 459 Tsitsa Street, Erasmuskloof, PRETORIA.

Who are Sita’s competitors?

Is Sita a private company?

While SITA is a schedule 3A private company, government is its only shareholder and client. In short, SITA is the IT business for the largest employer and consumer of IT products and services in South Africa – the Government.

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