What is MyMy bsmart?

What is MyMy bsmart?

My bSmart provides all teachers and students with a free tool to create effective mind maps to be used at school or at home to prepare homework and lessons. Try it now, it’s really simple! *Now available for the desktop and web versions of the app.

Do I need to download books with my bsmart web app?

No download required with My bSmart Web App. Your books are immediately available, you only need an Internet connection! In order tu use a code to activate your books, you need to join bSmart. Register now or log in if you are a registered user.

How do I register and Activate my bsmart?

Register and confirm your account (if you are a teacher, verify your role ). Install My bSmart (or use the online app) and access using your registration data. Activate your textbooks or use our free resources.