What is Manetheren?

What is Manetheren?

Manetheren (Translated from the Old Tongue as Mountain Home) was one of the Ten Nations which arose from the ashes of the Breaking of the World. It was destroyed circa 1200 AB amidst the upheavals of the Trolloc Wars.

Who betrayed Manetheren?

It was only when the Amyrlin, Tetsuan, betrayed Manetheren that the great nation fell (TGH, Ch. 5). When Aridhol fell to the Shadow, King Thorin of Manetheren send his son, Caar, to try to bring the people of Aridhol back to the Light.

How many Trollocs are in a fist?

A group of at least one hundred but never more than two hundred Trollocs is referred to as a “fist” of Trollocs. Only male Trollocs are allowed to participate in raiding parties.

What does ne mean Wheel of Time?

New Era (NE) 1 – 1.000 NE years. – Whitecloak War.

What does tai Shar Manetheren mean?

A direct translation of the name is given: Lord of Glory. Daishar is said to mean Glory (I believe it’s Egwene’s horse’s name), which would imply that “Tai” would mean lord. However, the ancient salute often used by Lan (Tai’shar Manetheren, Tai’shar Malkier) means True Blood of Manetheren / Malkier.

Where is Emond’s Field?

Two Rivers district
Emond’s Field is a village of farmers and craftsmen centrally located in the Two Rivers district of western Andor. Emond’s Field is located north of Deven Ride and south of Watch Hill at the intersection of the North Road and the Old Road.

How do Trollocs reproduce?

Trollocs do not always breed true; instead they sometimes produce throwbacks to either the animal or the human side of their genetics. The throwbacks to the animal half die, but the throwbacks to the human side usually survive, though corrupted by the evil of the original makers, and are called Myrddraal.

Who was Artur hawkwing?

Artur Paendrag Tanreall
Artur Paendrag Tanreall (pronounced: AHR-tuhr PAY-ehn-DRAG tahn-REE-ahl) (FY 912 – 994), better known in legend as Artur Hawkwing, is a historical figure who united all the lands west of the Spine of the World as a single Empire. He took the title “High King”. His death sparked the War of the Hundred Years.

What are the seven Ajahs?

Ajah (pronounced: AH-jah) is the name given to one of the seven different groups of Aes Sedai: the Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, White, Gray and Brown. Each Ajah has its own specific purpose and rules, and is governed by its own internal leader(s).

What is the Old Tongue?

The Old Tongue is a now-dead language, once common parlance in the Age of Legends, but now spoken only by scholars and certain nobles, and not perfectly by either of those. Its structure and meaning are shaded so that a single phrase can have many different meanings, depending on context.

What is the band of manetheren?

The Band is currently unaffiliated with Perrin Aybara’s movement to unify ancient Manetheren. The flag of Manetheren is described as consisting of a red eagle on a blue field in both The Shadow Rising and Winter’s Heart, and also illustrated as such on the original cover of Winter’s Heart.

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What did manetheren do for trade?

Farmers and craftsmen abounded and harvested a cornucopia of agricultural goods from the nation’s verdant heartland. To help facilitate trade, Manetheren engineers built vast networks of paved highways and bridges to provide easy travel within national boundaries.

What is the band of the Red Hand?

The greatest warriors of the era flocked to Manetheren for the chance to be selected as worthy of induction into the legendary Band of the Red Hand; a company of heroes and blademasters that had defended generations of Manetheren nobility. The Band of the Red Hand’s history was long and storied, and the company engaged in innumerable exploits.