What is difference between project and dissertation?

What is difference between project and dissertation?

Most of us know that a dissertation is an extended piece of research. The key difference between a project study and a dissertation is that a project study does not proceed from a research problem. The purpose of a project study is not to add to our understanding of research on a topic.

What is the difference between report and thesis?

Generally the thesis represents a work of greater depth and academic inclination. It represents an original contribution to the field, whereas a report may be a survey of existing literature. A length of 60-120 pages is typical of a thesis, while a report is roughly half as many pages.

Does a dissertation have to be original?

Students are often told their dissertation needs to be ‘original’. This sends many people into a big panic, trying to find a topic that’s never been done before, stressing themselves out right from the start. They really don’t need to original doesn’t need to mean ground-breaking in terms of topic.