What is COH2 Org?

What is COH2 Org?

COH2.ORG ” Orders all available 25-pounder howitzers in the British Army HQ to overwatch friendly territory for a set duration. Disables ‘Coordinated Fire’ abilities while active.” 120 second duration. ! The perfect defensive ability. Use this to break up enemy attacks. COH2.ORG

What is the Oberkommando West guide for company of Heroes 2?

Welcome to the Oberkommando West Guide for Company of Heroes 2. This guide will describe the commanders available to the new Axis faction of The Western Front Armies. Each commander has five “doctrinal abilities” that are unlocked by command points (CP) as you progress through a multiplayer game.

How do light mortars work in COH2?

COH2.ORG “Nearby teams of light mortars will automatically attack enemies in the target territory with a mix of high-explosive and white phosphorous shells. After a period of time flares will reveal enemy units in adjacent territories.” Requires line of sight on target territory to start. Can target friendly and enemy sectors. 70 second duration.