What is Avamar Virtual Edition?

What is Avamar Virtual Edition?

Avamar is a deduplication backup and recovery software/hardware system with a client-side global deduplication technology. Enabling you to delete redundant backup data on a client before storing data. Change product.

What is the latest version of Avamar?

Avamar 19.4
Avamar 19.4 is the current target code and the latest Avamar version available. Avamar 19.4 comes with additional features and functionality in the form of AUI.

What is Data Domain Virtual Edition?

Dell EMC Data Domain Virtual Edition (DD VE) is a software-defined version of Dell EMC Data Domain, the world’s most trusted protection storage. It can be downloaded, deployed and configured in minutes on any server, converged or hyper-converged.

Can Avamar backup S3?

Avamar/DD policies can be established to control how many daily backup copies are to be saved to S3 object storage.

What is avamar?

Dell EMC Avamar is proven backup and recovery software that delivers secure data protection for cloud, remote offices, desktops, laptops, and data centers. Tight integration into VMware interfaces makes Avamar an ideal solution for protecting any workloads running in a VMware environment.

How do I add vCenter to Avamar?

Configuration of the vCenter Server in Avamar Server: Click the Account Management tab. In the tree, select the top-level (root) domain, and then select Actions > Account Management > New Client(s). Complete the following settings: Select VMware vCenter in the Client Type list.

How do you deploy a DD VE?

From the vSphere Client, right click the vSphere object where to deploy the DDVE appliance and select Deploy OVF Template option. Click the Choose Files button to select the . OVA file downloaded from DellEMC website then click Next. Specify the Virtual machine name and the location to use then click Next.

What is Dell PowerProtect?

Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager provides software defined data protection, automated discovery, deduplication, operational agility, self-service and IT governance for physical, virtual and cloud environments.