What is Assegai Lube used for?

What is Assegai Lube used for?

Assegai personal lubricants are formulated to prolong and enhance your intimate pleasure. They are recommended by doctors, gynaecologists and sex-therapists. Using personal lubricant helps prevent condom breakage, increases sexual comfort adn relieves dryness.

What is Assegal?

Assegai Original Personal Lubricants are formulated to provide pleasure and comfort. They are silky smooth, super slippery and long-lasting. They are recommended by doctors, gynaecologists and relationship therapists. Benefits and Features: 100% water-based and condom safe.

Is dimethicone safe as a lubricant?

When buying a silicone lubricant Dimethicone is what you’re looking for. It is the best of the silicone polymers because, for added value, it is also non-comedogenic and won’t clog your pores. These are are basic silicone polymers and are often found in silicone lubes and are generally considered to be un-dangerous.

Why is glycerin bad in lube?

Glycerin is a humectant (meaning it helps to retain moisture) that shows up in a lot of lubes, especially ones that are flavored or warming. In particular, glycerin may contribute to an overgrowth of yeast, which can then cause yeast infections.

What is Assegai history?

An assegai is a pole weapon used for throwing or hurling, usually a light spear or javelin made of wood and pointed with iron.

What are lubricants?

Definition. Lubricant is a substance which is used to control (more often to reduce) friction and wear of the surfaces in a contact of the bodies in relative motion [1]. Depending on its nature, lubricants are also used to eliminate heat and wear debris, supply additives into the contact, transmit power, protect, seal.

Does Lube have side effects?

Commercial lubricants are safe for most people. However, as with any healthcare product, they present some risks, including: allergic reactions. skin irritation.

How bad is dimethicone?

Some people believe that dimethicone is harmful because it’s not natural. Others say that since it forms a barrier, dimethicone seals in oil, sweat, dirt, and other things that can clog pores and lead to acne. However, the amount of dimethicone in face and hair products is generally considered safe.

What is a assegai in English?

assegai in American English (ˈæsəˌgaɪ ) noun. 1. a slender spear or javelin with an iron tip, used in S Africa.

Why did the Zulu need larger shields?

War shields were traditionally stockpiled by a chief or king, to whom they belonged, while a smaller shield was reserved for his subordinates’ personal daily use, or as a complement at their dancing ceremonies.

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Why indindulge assegai Strawberry?

Indulge regularly and boost your intimate pleasure with seductive & sensual assegai strawberry. Our long-lasting personal lubricant has been specifically formulated to enhance & prolong your sensual experience. Doctors, gynaecologists and sex therapists recommend assegai.