What is Army Lthet?

What is Army Lthet?

LTHET is just one way the military funds higher education for medical officers. Students interested in medicine and the military can also attend the Army’s medical school, or join the Army after completing medical school and get help to repay student loans.

Do Army Nurse Corps get deployed?

Even though the media focus on the large number of military members deployed around the world, there are actually very few Army Nurses that are currently deployed and, in a typical year, less than a hundred or so are deployed around the world at any given time.

What was the purpose of the Army nursing Corp?

The mission of the ANC is “To provide responsive, innovative, and evidence-based nursing care integrated on the Army Medicine Team to enhance readiness, preserve life and function, and promote health and wellness for all those entrusted to our care.

What rank is an Army nurse?

With further experience, specialty training, or education, your pay grade and rank climbs up. For example, as a military nurse in the Army, you would start as Second Lieutenant, then First Lieutenant, Captain, Major, and so on. With each earned rank, different responsibilities and higher pay grade are awarded.

How do I join the Army Nurse Corps?

Requirements for either active or reserve duty include being between 21 and 47 years old. To qualify for the Army Nurse Corps, you need a BSN from an accredited program; for Army Reserve, a BSN, an associate degree, or a diploma from an accredited school of nursing is required, but the BSN is preferred.

What does Amedd stand for?

Army Medical Department
The Army Medical Department of the U.S. Army (AMEDD), formerly known as the Army Medical Service (AMS), encompasses the Army’s six medical Special Branches (or “Corps”).

Do military nurses get guns?

yes once you are in the Army Nurse Corps you are considered a Soldier First, Nurse second. When you go to OBC and are doing your field training at Camp Bullis you will be required to keep, care for and know your weapon. When you are deployed you will be issued a weapon.

Which military branch is best for nursing?

The Army has the most nurses, the most hospitals and the most opportunities for advanced training. However, it also has the most opportunities to be deployed or sent to a less desirable post. The Air Force has the best quality of life and short deployments.

Do Army nurses go to bootcamp?

Since the Nurse Corps is a branch of the military, recruits need to meet some of the basic requirements for military service, including U.S. citizenship, the ability to pass a security clearance and passing a physical exam. You won’t attend the Basic Training camp that enlisted soldiers do.

What does lthet stand for?

Congratulations on your selection to participate in the ARMY`s Long Term Health Education Training (LTHET) Program. Welcome to the AMEDD Student Detachment (ASD) at Joint Base San Antonio, TX.

What does a CRNA do in the military?

CERTIFIED REGISTERED NURSE ANESTHETISTS (CRNA) As a CRNA in the Army, you will perform the specialized duties needed to care for patients requiring general or regional anesthesia, respiratory care, advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and/or fluid therapy, and apply your skills in surgical, diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

What are the requirements to become a nurse in the Army?

21 to 42 years of age (age waiver may be available)Minimum of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree from an accredited schoolCurrent, valid, unrestricted license to practice as a registered nurseMust meet the Army’s physical and moral standards

What does a perioperative nurse do in the Army?

PERIOPERATIVE NURSES As a Perioperative Nurse in the Army, you will perform in all areas of operating room nursing including specialty areas of surgery. Your nursing experiences will include supervising and managing an operating room whether it is in a field environment or at one of the Army’s most advanced medical centers.