What is an authorized WNBA footwear supplier?

What is an authorized WNBA footwear supplier?

(b) “Agreement” means this Collective Bargaining Agreement entered into on March 5, 2014. (c) “Authorized WNBA Footwear Supplier” (or “Authorized Footwear Supplier”) means an entity granted the right by WNBA Enterprises to outfit one or more WNBA players with logo-identified basketball footwear to be worn during WNBA games.

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What does exception mean in the WNBA?

(n) “Exception” means an exception to the rule that a Team’s Team Salary may not exceed the Salary Cap. (o) “Expansion Team” means any Team that becomes a member of the WNBA through expansion following the date of this Agreement and commences play during the term of this Agreement.

What is a contract team in the WNBA?

(h) “Contracting Team” means any Team that, by decision of the WNBA or such Team, ceases operations as a member of the WNBA following the date of this Agreement. (i) “Core Player” means a player so designated in accordance with Article VI, Section 7.

What does base salary mean in the NBA?

(d) “Base Salary” means the salary that is set forth in Exhibit 1 to a Player Contract that is paid or payable in U.S. dollars to a WNBA player (including players whose Player Contracts have been terminated) for rendering services under such Contract.