What is Almdudler made of?

What is Almdudler made of?

Almdulder is an iconic Viennese soft drink made from a blend of 32 natural alpine herbs, beet sugar, citric acid and soda water. It is highly refreshing, slightly tangy, and lightly sparkling with a pleasant herbal aftertaste.

What Flavour is Almdudler?

The Original Almdudler Almradler. This is Austria’s legendary mixed beer beverage consisting of 60% refreshing Almdudler alpine herb lemonade and 40% bitter-sweet hoppy beer.

Does Almdudler have caffeine?

Unmistakable, refreshing taste of natural alpine herbs, since 1957. Known and loved across Europe and beyond. Almdudler Sugarfree, unique Almdudler taste without any sugar. With 32 mg natural caffeine and 30% less sugar, it is the perfect energy kick!

What herbs are in Almdudler?

These herbs include lemon balm, sage, gentian, elderflower and coneflower; those which meet Almdudler’s strict criteria go through a mixing process and the high quality aroma is carefully extracted. This extract is allowed to mature over several weeks, creating the unmistakable Almdudler aroma.

What is Almdudler German?

According to the company’s website, he derived the name from the then-common phrase auf der Alm dudeln, which means “yodeling in the (alpine) pasture”. The drink was originally created and marketed as an alternative to alcoholic beverages or as a mixer for alcoholic drinks.

How do you drink Almdudler?

The refreshing combination of Almdudler and aromatic mint is best served on ice for a perfect, alcohol- free aperitif.

Where is almdudler sold?

Almdudler is currently bottled in Austria, Germany, Croatia, Belgium, and Switzerland. It is further exported to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, the Netherlands, Romania, Australia, and the United States.

Who makes Almdudler?

Erwin Klein
The Klein family has always had an active hand in shaping the Almdudler brand. Following the untimely loss of Erwin Klein, his son Thomas took over the company; he was just 20 years old at the time and remains one of the owners today.

What is almdudler German?

Who makes almdudler?

How do you drink almdudler?

The original Almdudler is a sweetened carbonated beverage made of herbal extracts. Almdudler has been called the “national drink of Austria”. Its popularity in Austria is second only to Coca-Cola. About 80 million litres of the beverage are produced per year.

Is Almdudler still drinkable?

Almdudler is currently sold in original, light (sugar-free), “still” (uncarbonated), and g’spritzt (mixed with carbonated mineral water) versions. In Austria, a Radler variety (mixed with beer ), is available as Almradler.

When was the first Almdudler made?

After three years of development, Almdudler was produced from 1957 by the Viennese entrepreneur Erwin Klein (1924–1983). According to the company’s website, he derived the name from the then-common phrase auf der Alm dudeln, which means “yodeling in the (alpine) pasture”.

What is the Almdudler advertising campaign?

The Almdudler advertising messages succeeded in passing on a kind of Heimat emotion standing out from ” global ” beverages. The slogan of a widely known advertising campaign, in the local Austro-Bavarian dialect, has become a well-known phrase in Austria: Wenn de kan Oimdudla haum, geh’ i wieda ham!