What is al-Jin (Djinn)?

What is al-Jin (Djinn)?

A mute boy is trapped in his apartment with a sinister monster when he makes a wish to fulfill his heart’s greatest desire. The gift that you seek may cost your soul. In Islam, Al-Jin (Djinn), are spirits of high intelligence who are unseen by humans. There are good and evil Jin who are unable to affect humans with God’s will.

Are there different types of djinn?

Conflicting stories about the Djinn abound, similar to conflicting stories about Angelsand Demons. According to some accounts, there are three types of Djinn: 1. Those who are able to fly. These Djinn can be heavy or light, tall or thin, and are shape shifters with very flexible bodies.

Is there any dialogue in the Djinn movie?

If you are expecting to see the evil Djinn with the gravelly voice of someone like Divoff then think again – There is NO dialogue and there is NO Djinn! I commend it for the old style 80’s synth riffs but setting a whole movie in a small apartment with no dialogue was never going to work.

What are the powers of a djinn?

Djinn have limited powers in these areas. Djinn can appear to humans as the spirits of the dead and communicate with the living through visions and voices. Those who learn the medicinal qualities of plants through the plants’ talking to them are actually speaking with devils. It was the Djinn who taught humans Sorcery.

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