What is A2A2 milk?

What is A2A2 milk?

A2 milk comes from cows with the genetic characteristic A2A2. Today it is assumed that all breeds originally carried A2 genetic material and over the years the A1 type has been developed through breeding. This is why A2 milk is often referred to as “original milk”.

Why is a2 Milk Company leaving the UK?

However, sales outside the UK, particularly in China where the product underpins baby milk powder, have boomed, said Mr Sadler, who has closely followed the A2 Milk Company’s fortunes. “The decision to quit the UK is down to that huge uptake in Asia and the company has had to refocus on meeting that demand,” he said.

Why test for A2 beta-casein in milk products?

As consumer demand and media attention for A2 beta-casein products has skyrocketed, so too has the need for testing that verifies its levels in milk products. Raw milk, which is the foundation material for the production of cheese, drinking milk, butter, yogurt, and other products, contains

Does Eurofins test for A1 and A2?

In view of the growing interest in A2 milk and A2 dairy products, Eurofins offers various tests for the differentiated detection of A1 and A2 beta-caseins. What is A2 milk? Cow milk consists of approx. 87% water, 5% lactose, 4% milk fat, 3.5% milk protein, minerals and vitamins.