What is a wind mitigation form?

What is a wind mitigation form?

A wind mitigation report informs the insurance company of a home’s construction in order to determine its stability in the event of strong winds. This rating is determined by the rating stickers installed by manufacturers on windows and doors and by any form of hurricane shutters made for the home.

What is a OIR B1 1802 form?

“The Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form (Form OIR-B1-1802) has been revised and is effective February 1, 2012. Technical revisions made to the form on May 22, 2012 and April 10, 2014.”

What is a mitigation form?

A mitigation inspection, also referred to as a wind mitigation inspection and Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection form, is to determine the appropriateness of a particular structure’s construction in the event of strong winds (hurricanes, tropical storms and other windstorm-related claims).

What is a roof mitigation report?

A wind mitigation inspection (also called a windstorm mitigation inspection) is when a certified inspector checks your home’s wind-resistant features. These features can be anything from door/window coverings to the way your roof is attached to your home to how your roof is sealed to prevent water from entering.

How often should you wind mitigate?

How Long is My Wind Mitigation Inspection Valid? Five (5) years. Wind mitigation inspections determine a home’s stability in the event of strong winds. They are valid for five (5) years from the original date of inspection.

How do wind mitigation inspection save you money?

Wind Mitigation Features: The more secure and up-to-date your roof Is,the deeper the discount. What kind of roof covering you have?

  • Wall Construction Type.
  • Water Resistance (Secondary Water Barrier) Water intrusion can occur if shingles blow away in high winds or from debris.
  • What to expect during a wind mitigation inspection?

    The home’s basic structure and construction materials

  • Roof shape,materials,condition and connections
  • Wall construction
  • Exterior and garage doors,windows and skylights
  • Hurricane shutters/panels (installed or stored on the property)
  • Attic interior (roof-to-wall attachment,roof-deck attachment,secondary water barrier)
  • Does your home need wind mitigation?

    Wind mitigation can help you fortify your house. This may reduce the number of claims you need to file and make you more attractive to insurers. Earn discounts on your home insurance. Many insurance providers reduce your premium just for completing a wind mitigation inspection and submitting the report.

    Should you get a wind mitigation inspection?

    Wind Mitigation inspection must be performed by a licensed general contractor, building contractor, architect, engineer, building inspector or home inspector.