What is a sentence for gibe?

What is a sentence for gibe?

I knew Vera was not my friend when she made a gibe about my weight. 2. If you make a gibe about someone else, you should not be surprised if they make an unpleasant remark about you. 3. Jack never failed to make a gibe about his ex-boss who married his ex-wife.

What is 10 examples of sentences?

Examples of Complete Sentences

  • I ate dinner.
  • We had a three-course meal.
  • Brad came to dinner with us.
  • He loves fish tacos.
  • In the end, we all felt like we ate too much.
  • We all agreed; it was a magnificent evening.

What are 5 examples of sentences?

Examples of simple sentences include the following:

  • Joe waited for the train. “Joe” = subject, “waited” = verb.
  • The train was late.
  • Mary and Samantha took the bus.
  • I looked for Mary and Samantha at the bus station.
  • Mary and Samantha arrived at the bus station early but waited until noon for the bus.

What is a good sentence for give?

[M] [T] She got the money from him even though he said that he wouldn’t give it to her. [M] [T] She bought him a dog. However, he was allergic to dogs, so they had to give it away. [M] [T] She asked him to give her some money so she could go to a restaurant with her friends.

How do you use deploy in a sentence?

Examples of deploy in a Sentence The troops were deployed for battle. They plan to deploy more American soldiers over the next six months. Two scientists were deployed to study the problem. Both campaigns are deploying volunteers to the cities to encourage people to vote.

What part of speech is gibe?

Gibe can be a noun or a verb, but it’s usually a noun meaning an insult, a dis, something to be hurled at enemies, bad drivers, or ex-boyfriends. Gibe is sometimes spelled jibe, but that word has a different meaning and is usually a verb.

What are 20 examples of compound sentences?

20 Compound Sentences in English

  • I want to lose weight, yet I eat chocolate daily.
  • A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.
  • I used to be snow white, but I drifted.
  • We went to the mall; however, we only went window-shopping.
  • She is famous, yet she is very humble.

How many sentences is 60 words?

3-4 sentences
How Many Sentences Is 60 Words? 60 words is about 3-4 sentences. A sentence typically has 15–20 words.

What are 10 examples of complex sentences?

10 Complex Sentences in English

  • Although my friends begged me, I chose not to go to the reunion.
  • I learned English perfectly because I studied very hard.
  • Many people enjoyed the movie; however, Alex did not.
  • Although the farmer is ready, the ground is still too wet to plow.

Where can I use gives?

Thus, you must use the plural form of the verb to give which would be give. Gives is the third-person singular form of give. That form only works for third-person singular subjects. Subjects of that category include the pronouns he, she, it, one and any singular noun or phrase that represents something singular.

How do you give an example?

  1. “For instance …” “For example” and “for instance” can be used interchangeably.
  2. “To give you an idea …” Use this phrase to introduce a use case or example.
  3. “As proof …”
  4. “Suppose that …”
  5. “To illustrate …”
  6. “Imagine …”
  7. “Pretend that …”
  8. “To show you what I mean …”

How do you use ambidextrous in a sentence?

Ambidextrous sentence example

  1. He was ambidextrous because he could use his left hand as well as his right hand.
  2. He could play the trumpet with either his left or right hand because he was ambidextrous .
  3. She could only sign the document with her right hand because she was not ambidextrous .

What is an example of Gibe in the Bible?

gibe. Sentence Examples. She crossed her arms across her chest with a defiant look as if expecting him to gibe her. Judith couldn’t resist the gibe and regretted it as soon as Emma rounded on her. Gospel writer John’s point in putting this line in Jesus’ mouth is almost certainly to take a gibe at the Temple elite.

What is a good sentence for Gibe?

gibe Sentence Examples. The Thracian spearmen, who were watching him from the door, began to gibe at his cowardice. 14. 11. “He shall come in like a fox, reign like a lion, die like a dog,” is a gibe wrongly held to be a prophecy of his unfortunate predecessor.

Is directing a gibe at your boss a good way?

Directing a gibe at your boss is not a good way to earn his favor. 🔊 Since Jason wanted to start a fight, he loudly voiced a gibe about the boy who had taken his position on the team. 🔊 The little boy started to cry when he heard a classmate make a gibe about him. 🔊