What is a McCoy blade used for?

What is a McCoy blade used for?

A McCoy laryngoscope is a useful aid in difficult intubation, and should be available when rapid sequence induction is attempted in the patient in whom a cervical spine injury is suspected.

What is a McCoy blade?

The ‘McCoy-style’ blade is based on the standard Macintosh blade. It has a hinged tip that is operated by a lever mechanism on the back of the handle. It allows elevation of the epiglottis while reducing the amount of force required.

Who invented the McCoy blade?

The Macintosh laryngoscope has a curved blade which allows exposure of the larynx by positioning the tip in the vallecula, anterior to the epiglottis, lifting it out of view. Designed 1943 by Sir Robert Reynolds Macintosh (1897–1989) New Zealand Anaesthetist.

What is a polio blade?

The blade is mounted at 135 degrees to the handle. This equipment was originally designed to facilitate intubation in patients encased within iron lung ventilators during the polio epidemic. It is also useful in patients with barrel chest, restricted neck mobility or breast hypertrophy.

What is sniffing position for intubation?

Background: The sniffing position, a combination of flexion of the neck and extension of the head, is considered to be suitable for the performance of endotracheal intubation. To place a patient in this position, anesthesiologists usually put a pillow under a patient’s occiput.

What is ad blade laryngoscope?

DESCRIPTION. Base of blade (attaches to handle and makes an electrical connection when extended) Hook of blade. Curved or Straight blade. Flange (containing web and light source) – proximal flange to sweep the tongue aside.

Can you oxygenate through a bougie?

If the bougie has a hollow lumen (such as the Frova™ brand) it can be used to oxygenate the patient until a definitive airway is secured. This is achieved by connecting a Rapifit connector whereupon we can ventilate via a standard manual resuscitation bag.

What is the sniff position?