What is a 14 3 wire used for?

What is a 14 3 wire used for?

14–3 cable (14 AWG–3 insulated conductors) allows you to have two separate hot conductors sharing the same neutral. This is generally required for three- and four-way switches, but I also prefer to use it for the last leg of a circuit from the switch to the fixture.

How many amps can a 14 3 wire handle?

According to the “powers-that-be”, a 14 gauge wire can carry 20 Amps, but only as a built-in safety measure.

How many wires can you put in a 14 3 cable?

A wall switch can be connected to either of the two hot wires of a 14/3 wire. A 14/3 electrical wire means that it is 14-gauge in size and it has three primary wires plus a ground wire. The three primary wires are red (hot), black (hot) and white (common).

Can I use 14 3 wire for a dryer?

ROMEX® 14-3 is designed for use on circuits that require 220 to 240 volts from the power panel. An example is a clothes dryer. ROMEX® 14-3 can also be used to power two different circuits.

What is 3 wire Romex used for?

Three-wire Romex can be used to power two separate circuits that share the neutral. For example, here the black wire feeds a receptacle circuit, while the red feeds a lighting circuit. Although multiwire branch circuits are permitted by code in certain cases, the author doesn’t recommend them for residential wiring.

How many outlets can you put on 14 gauge wire?

You can use 14-2 wire to 12 outlets that are protected by a 15 Amp breaker.

What is the red wire in 14 3?

Normally, when using 14–3 cable, one wire, (black) is used for the ‘hot’ wire, and one, (white) is used for the return or neutral wire. The third wire, usually red, is used for any other purpose, such as for the extra wire in a three-way switch circuit.

Can you use 14 gauge wire for outlets?

Yes you may use No. 14 AWG Cu wire for outlets but the Circuit Breaker to protect the circuit should be only 15A. Do not use 20A Circuit Breaker for this circuit. Also, use only 15A receptacles.