What happened Troy bierdz?

What happened Troy bierdz?

His youngest brother Troy, who had been living with him in Los Angeles, returned to Wisconsin. Shortly thereafter, in July 1989, Troy murdered their mother with a baseball bat and is currently serving a sentence of 50 years without the possibility of parole in a Wisconsin prison.

What happened to Gregg bierdz?

Overcoming Personal Tragedy In May 2002, his brother, Gregg, committed suicide. He has one sister, Hope. After the tragedy, Bierdz faded into relative obscurity as he attempted to put the pieces back together of his life. The actor also came clean about his sexuality, coming out formally soon after the Gregg’s suicide.

What does Thom Bierdz do now?

Having played Phillip Chancellor the third from 1986 – 1989, and also appearing briefly as his ghost in 2004, Thom Bierdz has since gone on to become a painter who puts his emotions onto paper and turns even the worst memory into something worth looking at!

Where is Thom Bierdz from?

Kenosha, WI
Thom Bierdz/Place of birth

Why did Craig bierdz commit suicide?

Bierdz is more than a handsome leading man and has overcome great personal tragedy. In 1989, his youngest brother Troy, a paranoid schizophrenic, beat their mother to death with a baseball bat and in May 2002, his other brother Craig committed suicide after being plagued with depression.

Where is Phillip Chancellor now?

Phillip Chancellor III (as played by Thom Bierdz on The Young and the Restless) * Lives in Australia.

What happened to Phillip Chancellor III?

One night, after a drunken office party, Phillip was involved in a car accident and died. However, it turns out the accident was actually a suicide attempt, and Phillip faked his death and moved away.

Who is Phillip Chancellor mother?

Nina Webster
Chance Chancellor/Mother

Who is Katherine Chancellor’s son in real life?

Jeanne Cooper (October 25, 1928 – May 8, 2013) played ‘Katherine Chancellor’ on the CBS daytime drama The Young and the Restless for more than 40 years. Her son is actor Corbin Bernsen (of L.A. Law fame).

What happened to Phillip on Y & R?

On the way home from an office party, Phillip was driving drunk and died when he crashed his car. Although Phillip’s spirit made an appearance to Katherine in 2004, it was revealed in 2009 that he was actually alive!

How is Devon Katherine Chancellor’s grandson?

In 2011, Devon is discovered to be Katherine and Judge Arthur Hendrick’s grandson, and Tucker is his biological father. Though he initially wants nothing to do with Katherine and Tucker, the group eventually work through their differences and form relationships.

Is chance leaving Y and R?

In November 2020, however, Y&R temporarily recast the role with Justin Gaston due to Boaz’s positive COVID diagnosis. However, in February 2021, Boaz announced that he’d been written off the show.

What happened to Troy Bierdz?

The police had fingerprinted him and realized it was Troy and he was on the run after killing his mom. Troy Bierdz was sentenced to life in prison, for the murder of his mom, Phyllis. He will eligible for parole at the age of 69. Thom said he went to visit Troy five years after the murder.

Who is Mark Bierdz?

In 2009 Bierdz made history as the first openly gay actor to be hired in a contract role on a daytime soap opera. Bierdz’s self-published memoirs Forgiving Troy has garnered 9 awards thus far. Bierdz hosts The Online American Art Awards. Bierdz has raised over $100,000 for charities with his paintings.

Who is Thom Bierdz?

Thom Bierdz is an actor, artist, author and loving brother who reaches into his own psyche to tell a heart wrenching and raw account of his life that will leave you breathless.

How much money has Bob Bierdz raised for charity?

Bierdz hosts The Online American Art Awards. Bierdz has raised over $100,000 for charities with his paintings. Promoting his published autobiography “Forgiving Troy” about his paranoid schizophrenic brother Troy who had killed their mother in 1989, and selling his many paintings.