What happened to Ton and Allen from auction hunters?

What happened to Ton and Allen from auction hunters?

During the fourth season of Auction Hunters, Clinton and Allen started a pawn shop business. However, the duo later broke up and the show seemingly disappeared with them. In April 2015, Spike announced that it would not be renewing Auction Hunters for another season.

How did big sis from auction hunters die?

ovarian cancer
Recurring cast member Robin “Big Sis” Matte, died May 12, 2014, at the age of 37 from stage 4 ovarian cancer that moved to her lungs. She was a 12-year survivor. A memorial appeared at the end of the first episode of the 5th season.

How old is Allen Haff?

52 years (October 15, 1969)Allen Lee Haff / Age

What is Ton Jones real name?

Clinton “Ton” Jones, presenter Auction Hunters.

How much is ton from Auction Hunters worth?

Clinton ‘Ton’ Jones Net Worth: Ton Jones is an American reality television star and auction collector who has a net worth of $1.5 million. Clinton ‘Ton’ Jones has gained notoriety as a cast member of the SpikeTV show Auction Hunters which began airing in 2010 with fellow Hunter Allen Lee Haff.

What TV show was ton on?

Auction Hunters2010 – 2015
Worst-Case Scenario2010 – 2011
Clinton Jones/TV shows

Who passed away from Storage Wars?

Mark Balelo
‘Storage Wars’ Death: Mark Balelo Committed Suicide, Medical Examiner Confirms. “Storage Wars” star Mark Balelo, who was found dead on Monday at the age of 40, committed suicide by inhaling exhaust fumes, the Ventura County medical examiner’s office said.

Is Colin Newell dead?

Deceased (1972–2020)Colin Newell / Living or Deceased

How much is ton from auction hunters worth?

How much are the auction hunters worth?

Allen Haff net worth:Allen Haff is an American antiques dealer and reality TV star who has a net worth of $1 million. His net worth has been accumulated mostly through his work in the antiquing business, which has been a part of his family for two generations.

How many seasons of auction hunters are there?

5Auction Hunters / Number of seasons

Is Auction Hunters still being made?

Auction Hunters has won its bid for another season. Spike TV announced Friday that it has renewed the reality series for a 20-episode fifth season. The series, produced by Duck Dynasty’s Gurney Productions, ranks as the male-skewing network’s longest-running nonscripted original series.

Who is the host of Auction Hunters?

Then in 2010 luck smiled upon him when the producers from Spike TV decided to cast him as the host of the new reality TV series “Auction Hunters”, in which, Allen and his colleague Clinton ‘Ton’ Jones travel across USA in search of abandoned storage lots, identifying items of interest and net worth.

What episode does ton walk out on Allen on Auction Hunters?

– Online Storage Auctions Auction Hunters: Pawn Edition: Ton Walks Out on Allen – I’m Done! Auction Hunters: Pawn Edition: Season 4, Episode 13: “The Fall Guys.” Every partnership at one time or another may experience a rift in the relationship. Communication and comprise usually mends misunderstandings.

Who is ton Jones on Auction Hunters?

This interest led Ton Jones to the world of storage hunting. He has since become a widely respected storage hunter with an expertise in swords, rare coins and other forms of weaponry. Jones is six feet tall and weighs over 300 pounds, which makes him a difficult character to forget on SpikeTV’s Auction Hunters.

What is the genre of Auction Hunters?

Auction Hunters Genre Reality Starring Allen Lee Haff Clinton Jones Country of origin United States Original language English