What happened to the Bosch Reaxx table saw?

What happened to the Bosch Reaxx table saw?

The U.S. International Trade Commission found the Bosch Reaxx Jobsite Table Saw with active injury mitigation technology violates two SawStop U.S. patents. The ITC issued a cease-and-desist order banning Bosch from importing or selling the saws as well as any supporting parts in the United States.

Are there any competitors to SawStop?

SawStop’s top competitors include Saw Trax Manufacturing, Xizi UHC, Shibaura Machine and Oiles. SawStop is the provider of table saws aimed to prevent serious injuries to woodworkers. Shibaura Machine (formerly known as Toshiba Machine) is a machinery manufacturing company.

Does Bosch still make Reaxx?

Stopping the Sale of Reaxx Technology Bosch has vigorously defended, and will continue to defend, its ability to make REAXX table saws available in the United States. REAXX cartridges, accessories, and service parts are available.

Does festool own SawStop?

TTS Tooltechnic Systems, a privately-owned German company that owns Festool, is acquiring SawStop LLC, which manufactures a line of table saws with flesh-sensing technology. According to a recent release from SawStop, the deal is expected to be completed in July 2017.

Does SawStop ruin the blade?

Can I get a serious injury using a SawStop saw? In the vast majority of cases, coming in contact with the spinning blade will result in a minor cut. However, if your hand moves into the blade at very high speed, it is possible for you to receive a serious injury.

Why are dado blades illegal in Europe?

Why are dado blades banned in the UK and the EU? Because table saws aren’t allowed to operate without the safety equipment installed.

Does SawStop damage the blade?

SawStop not only drops the blade, it rams an aluminum block into it to stop it from spinning. This destroys the $69 cartridge assembly containing the block and more often than not, it damages or destroys the blade. The blade isn’t touched and can be used again after the saw is reset.

Who invented SawStop?

Steve Gass
David FanningDavid Fulmer
The SawStop story is about a small company with a big idea. The technology was invented by Dr. Steve Gass in 1999, and the business was started by Dr. Gass and three other friends in 2000.

Why is Festool so good?

So what makes Festool so good? We believe it’s because Festool has focused on creating high-performing tools that are robust, reliable and precise. Their numerous innovations, like their dust extractors and cordless options, put Festool in a league of their own.

Can SawStop cut wet wood?

SawStop saws cut most wet wood without a problem. However, if the wood is very green or wet (for example, wet enough to spray a mist when cutting), or if the wood is both wet and pressure treated, then the wood may be sufficiently conductive to activate the brake.

Do Freud blades work with SawStop?

The Freud P410 is an example of a blade suited to the sawstop, if your primary concern is optimal blade brake performance.

Are dado blades illegal in USA?

In many parts of the world dado blades are not illegal. The main reasons are because to use them the blade guard and riving knife have to be removed. These are two safety features that are essential for the safe use of a table saw.

What happens if SawStop v Bosch REAXX wins?

In this particular SawStop Vs Bosch Reaxx lawsuit, the victory could have serious consequences for Reaxx owners. Not only is SawStop looking to block the import and sale of the Reaxx, but also the sale of the cartridges. That would mean Reaxx owners would be unable to replace cartridges.

Why can’t you buy REAXX saws in the United States?

The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) issued a limited exclusion order against Robert Bosch Tool Corporation and Robert Bosch GmbH. This more or less prevents them from selling either the Reaxx saw or parts for the Reaxx saw in the United States. Further, they issued a cease and desist order against Robert Bosch Tool Corporation.

What is the difference between Bosch and Bosch REAXX table saws?

There are significant differences in the way the two companies handle table saw safety. The Bosch Reaxx uses an airbag style cartridge to punch the blade below the table surface. This occurs once conductance (flesh) is detected. The blade is able to keep spinning on its way down and doesn’t damage it.

How does the Bosch REAXX work?

The Bosch Reaxx uses an airbag style cartridge to punch the blade below the table surface. This occurs once conductance (flesh) is detected. The blade is able to keep spinning on its way down and doesn’t damage it.