What happened to Melissa Coates?

What happened to Melissa Coates?

Melissa Coates passed away just months after a life-saving leg amputation. Back in October 2020 a GoFundMe page was created after she had to have her leg amputated due to the “arteries supplying blood to her left lower leg were completely obstructed by blood clots”.

Is Sabu still married?

Sabu would wrestle for WWE until he was fired in 2007. He also became a wrestler in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA, now Impact Wrestling) since the creation of the promotion in 2002….Sabu (wrestler)

Residence Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Spouse(s) Hitomi Brunk ​ ( m. 1997)​
Professional wrestling career

Did Sabu marry Melissa Coates?

Unfortunately, according to reports, Melissa Coates passed away on June 23, 2021. Just spoke to ECW legend Sabu. While they were known for their wrestling relationship, in their personal lives, Sabu and Coates were in a relationship as well.

What amputation did Melissa Coates have?

Despite several procedures to save her leg, doctors observed that the blood clots were spreading and were life-threatening. Thus, doctors had no choice but to perform life-saving surgery, requiring the amputation of her left leg from above the knee.

How old was Melissa Coates?

50 years (1971–2021)
Melissa Coates/Age at death

Who was Melissa Coates in WWE?

Melissa Coates, also known as “Super Genie” during her time in ECW and WWE, has died. The former bodybuilder, actress, wrestler, and manager of ECW legend Sabu died earlier this week. No cause of death has yet been given for the star.

What wrestling star just died?

Jimmy Rave: Former wrestling star dies aged 39 just weeks after amputation of legs. The former professional wrestling star, whose real name was James Michael Guffey, passed away aged 39, his daughter Kailah and wrestling agent Bill Behrens confirmed on Tuesday.