What happened to Jeanine in divergent?

What happened to Jeanine in divergent?

Insurgent. Jeanine continues her plans of hunting down the Divergent during the first half of the book, sending out the Dauntless traitors they have recruited to take them to the Erudite compound for testing. She is unable to though, as Tori eventually stabs Jeanine in the stomach with a knife, which leads to her death …

Is Janine divergent?

Jeanine Matthews appears in Divergent and Insurgent, serving as the main antagonist in both novels. She was born in, and chose, Erudite as her faction….

Jeanine Matthews
The Divergent trilogy character
First appearance Divergent
Last appearance Insurgent
Created by Veronica Roth

What is Jeanine’s plan in divergent?

Jeanine goes on to explain her plan to Tobias and Tris. She knows that she needs an army of loyal soldiers in order to seize control over the city, so she’s made a deal with the Dauntless leaders: Dauntless soldiers in return for good jobs in the new Erudite government.

What happened to fulminante?

Fulminante was later convicted in New Jersey on federal charges of possession of a firearm by a felon. Fulminante was incarcerated in the Ray Brook Federal Correctional Institution in New York. There he became friends with another inmate, Anthony Sarivola, then serving a 60-day sentence for extortion.

What is Jeanine Matthews IQ?

Ask for Jeanine, her IQ likely falls into 140-160 category or very high, almost genius intelligence.

Did Jeanine know Tris was Divergent?

Four found out about Tris during her simulation for the Dauntless Initiation, but deleted her informations in order to protect her. Jeanine, although seemed to have noticed this earlier, found out near the end when Dauntless soldiers brought Tris to her office after finding out that she was a divergent.

Is Tris’s mom divergent?

In fact, just like Tris, Natalie Prior is Divergent (35.37). So Tris spent all this time beating herself up for not being like her mom—when, in fact, she’s exactly like her mom, in more ways than she ever imagined.

Did Jeanine know Tris was divergent?

What did Tris’s mother do to save Tris from execution?

As she prepares to die, she thinks about God and her family. Just as she begins to drown, her mother appears. She shoots the glass and frees Tris just in time to save her life.

What is the Chapman rule?

Twenty-five years ago, in Chapman v California, the Supreme Court ruled that a federal constitutional error at a state criminal trial requires a conviction’s reversal unless the government can es- tablish that the error was harmless beyond a reasonable doubt., Chapman can be seen as having two holdings: first, that …

Who won Arizona v fulminante?

5–4 decision Justice Byron R. White and Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist delivered parts of the opinion, both majorities by a 5-4 vote. The Court held that Fulminante was coerced to confess in violation of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments.

Who’s the bad guy in Divergent?

Jeanine Matthews is the main antagonist of the Divergent trilogy, serving as the main antagonist in Divergent and Insurgent, and the posthumous overarching antagonist in Allegiant.