What happened to Jacob in the following?

What happened to Jacob in the following?

Jacob dies by his throat being slashed by Emma.

Who kills Emma in the following?

Claire Matthews
Following the take over of Korban, Emma becomes Joe’s second in command once again. She is killed by Claire Matthews after the two engage in a ferocious and deadly fight with one another.

Who was Jacob wells in the following?

Nico Tortorella
Nico Tortorella: Jacob Wells.

Does Claire die in the following?

Prod. According to Mike Weston, Claire Matthews died from wounds inflicted by Molly’s stabbing. During the attack, Ryan Hardy twists Molly’s neck and kills her. A year later, Ryan has moved to New York City where he lives on his own and is teaching.

Who is the bad guy in the following?

The series protagonist, Ryan Hardy, is portrayed by Kevin Bacon. Hardy initially works alongside Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore), Debra Parker (Annie Parisse), and eventually his niece Max Hardy (Jessica Stroup) to put an end to antagonist Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) and his cult of killers.

Who is Molly in the following?

Jennifer Ferrin

Portrayed by Jennifer Ferrin
First appearance “Guilt”
Last appearance “Resurrection”
Biographical information

Who is Jenna in the following?

Jana Murphy was a Follower of Joe Carroll’s cult and gave Carroll false papers and a corpse to fake his death at the end of Season 1. She was in a past relationship with Gina Mendez and a former FBI agent secretly feeding Joe information during his escape.

Was The Following Cancelled?

The Following is an American crime thriller television series created by Kevin Williamson, and jointly produced by Outerbanks Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television. On May 8, 2015, Fox canceled The Following after three seasons. The final episode aired on May 18, 2015.

What episode does Emma die in The Following?

R.I.P. Emma Hill. The protégé, lover and literal partner-in-crime of Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) on The Following met a gruesome end on the penultimate episode of Season 2 Monday, when she was killed by Joe’s vengeful ex-wife Claire (Natalie Zea).

Who plays Lily GREY in the following?

Connie Nielsen

Actor Character Seasons
Jessica Stroup Max Hardy Main
Connie Nielsen Lily Gray Main
Tiffany Boone Mandy Lang Main

How many episodes are in the following series?

The Following/Number of episodes

How many seasons are there of the following?

The Following/Number of seasons

What does Jacob do to Emma after he kills Paul?

After “killing” Paul, Jacob, now completely different from before, holds Emma in his arms telling her about what she did caused Paul to die and that he had to kill his best friend because of her. He grabs her neck and threatens her stating she should watch her back from now on.

How does Emma thank Paul and Jacob for finding Joey?

Emma tells Paul to go “Thank them” for finding Joey. They go back to the farmhouse as Paul kills the neighbors. Emma locks Joey in his room and meets Henry Flynn she starts to pack up and explain the situation to Paul and Jacob when they come in. As they are packing up; they hear gunshots and find Hank and a police officer dead.

What episode does Emma put Joey to sleep in the fall?

Immediately following the events of The Siege, The Fall starts with Emma running into the house with Jacob, seeing Paul and Ryan with a gun at Ryan’s head. She puts Joey to sleep using “Special Milk”, she is in control in this episode while she tries not to freak out herself.

What does Millard call Miss Peregrine’s alternate forms of Jacob?

Millard calls them “peculiar.” Jacob is taken inside to meet the headmistress, Miss Peregrine. He recognizes her immediately from the photos. She tells Jacob that she has been watching him in her alternate form—a peregrine falcon. She is surprised at how little Jacob knows about them, how little Grandpa Portman actually told him.