What happened to Adidas miCoach?

What happened to Adidas miCoach?

On February 28, 2018, adidas closed down the miCoach platform and handed the baton to Runtastic. Your miCoach data is now anonymized within the adidas systems and no longer accessible. It is no longer possible to migrate your data from the miCoach platform to the adidas Running app.

What happened to the Adidas smart ball app?

The product is discontinued and the app is no longer available in the Apple App Store.

How does Adidas smart ball work?

The adidas miCoach SMART BALL is built with a small, suspended bundle of sensors that link to the app on your iPhone/iPad and keeps a record of every shot on a leaderboard. A set of 12 impact absorbing arms protect the electronics without affecting the natural flight of the ball.

Can I still use my miCoach?

miCoach will stay alive until December 31, 2018 so users have almost two years to find a replacement, export their data, or migrate it. After that date, all the miCoach data will be deleted and no longer accessible.

How much does a smart ball cost?

For $200, though, the Smart Ball is the perfect investment only for a team that can afford it.

What is the Adidas smart ball app called?

Adidas : Smart Ball / MiCoach App.

What is the app for Adidas smart ball?

Soccer News: MiCoach App Coming To Android For The First Time. adidas miCoach has announced that the miCoach SMART BALL app will be coming to android phones for the first time. The new version of the app will come with a host of new features to further enrich the award winning SMART BALL experience.

What does a smart ball do?

The Smart Ball is the latest innovation in football. This amazing counting football with lights and sounds counts to 100 and even speaks words of encouragement to spur you on. Inflate your ball fully to ensure the sensor registers every time. For the best results inflate to a circumference of 70cm.

Is there a monthly fee for DribbleUp?

Dribble up charging $7.99 every month for use with app.

Is dribble up worth it?

Overall a great product and he uses it all the time (just in short bursts because of the phone overheating). I do recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their soccer skills.

Should you buy an adadidas miCoach Smart Ball?

Adidas says its miCoach Smart Ball can make you that star — for a steep price. After practicing with the ball for a season, I saw an improvement in the curve and power of my kicks, which is what you’d expect from a $200 smart ball.

Should you buy an Adidas smart ball?

At that price, the Smart Ball is a terribly expensive practice-only training tool for an individual — paying top dollar for a practice ball is an expense usually reserved for top traveling teams. Using Bluetooth sensors suspended inside, Adidas is able to provide in its app immediate feedback about a kick’s speed, spin and curve.

How does the miCoach Smart Ball work?

The miCoach Smart Ball uses a sensor package suspended within the heart of the ball to help you improve three kicking factors: power, bend and ‘no spin’ – think Ronaldo free-kicks, or Knuckleballs if you’re baseball fan.

Can a smartphone app really improve your dead ball kicks?

This ability, combined with a smartphone training app, is meant to help improve your dead ball kicks. The luxury will set you back a hefty £249.95, around £150 more than the official World Cup ball, but the technology and the application of it is potentially revelatory. Can this technological advancement really help you progress as a footballer?