What happened Angie Seth?

What happened Angie Seth?

Seth has won several awards, including the Edward Murrow Award for Innovative Journalism in 2018 for MultiMarket Content, and the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012 for her work as a journalist and her contributions to the community. Seth lives in Toronto with her husband and three children.

Where is Matt Woodman from CTV News?

It’s no secret he’s a huge Montreal Canadiens fan and loves to wear the bleu, blanc, et rouge whether he’s on the ice, or off. But now living in Edmonton, has a soft spot for the Oilers.

Who is Ziyah Karmali?

As co-host of CTV Morning Live, Ziyah Karmali keeps Edmonton viewers informed with the stories they need to know to start their day. Born and raised in Alberta’s capital city, she is a familiar and trusted voice to Edmontonians, having spent more than a decade working in local TV and radio.

What happened Erin isfeld?

She currently anchors CTV Edmonton News at 6 p.m. A graduate of both the University of Winnipeg and Ryerson University in Toronto, Erin also credits the city and people of Edmonton for teaching her so much.

How old is Akshay Tandon?

Tandon, 30, is the founder partner of Skarma, a communications firm.

Is Angie Seth Indian?

For Canadian news personality, Angie Seth, that education is life-long and one she hopes will make both her daughters stronger women. Seth, a South Asian woman has two daughters, one from a previous South Asian marriage and the other with her current husband who is Serbian.

Who is the new weather girl on CTV Edmonton?

Born in Edmonton and raised in Fort McMurray and Sherwood Park, Veronica Jubinville is an Alberta girl through and through.

Did Kent Morrison quit Global?

Today was a bittersweet day on Global News Morning Weekend… as the team said goodbye to Kent Morrison. He’s sticking around on weekday mornings, but it was the end of an era. Here’s a look back at some great moments with Kent on the weekend.

Is Erin isfeld married?

About Erin Isfeld She found and married her husband in 2010 and began co-anchoring CTV Edmonton News at 6pm with Daryl McIntyre on October 5, 2017 . Plus, being a mom, Erin is deeply involved with several children’s organizations including Ronald McDonald House and the Zebra Child Protection Centre.

Where is Kent Morrison now?

Kent lives in Edmonton with his beautiful wife Katie, bouncy baby boy Leo and their pug named Doug. Together Kent and Katie enjoy the city’s fitness and culinary scenes, usually in consecutive order.

Who is creeson agecoutay?

Creeson Agecoutay is a Parliamentary Correspondent for CTV NATIONAL NEWS. Based in Ottawa, Agecoutay assumed this role in November 2020 after spending the latter part of the year delivering regular Indigenous Circle segments as part of CTV NATIONAL NEWS.

Who is Akshay Tandon CTV?

Akshay Tandon is a journalist and anchor for over 14 years. His reportage and events have taken him across the globe from Commonwealth Games in Australia, to International Folk events in China, India and Canada.

Who are the news anchors for CTV Edmonton?

CTV News Edmonton Team. Anchors Erin Isfeld Carmen Leibel Geoff Hastings Nahreman Issa Matt Woodman Nicole Weisberg Weather Josh Classen Andrea Dion Cory Edel Journalists Sean Amato Susan

Who are the hosts of CTV Northern Ontario?

Nikki Jhutti – CTV Northern Ontario Marina Moore – CTV Northern Ontario Gord Nicholls – CTV Northern Ontario Claude Sharma – CTV Northern Ontario Carrie Trownson – CTV Northern Ontario Surane Weerasinghe – CTV Northern Ontario

What happened to Kaitlyn O’Hare from CTV?

She returned to CTV Edmonton in 2016, working in several roles, including videojournalist, producer and assignment editor. She currently reports daily on CTV Morning Live and anchors CTV News at Noon. While she calls herself a news junkie, her main passion is watching and playing sports.

Who are the actors on CTV Atlantic?

Randy MacDonald – CTV Atlantic & CTV Two Atlantic Ryan MacDonald – CTV Atlantic & CTV Two Atlantic Jonathan MacInnis – CTV Atlantic & CTV Two Atlantic Dan MacIntosh – CTV Atlantic & CTV Two Atlantic Nick Moore – CTV Atlantic & CTV Two Atlantic Maria Panopalis – CTV Atlantic & CTV Two Atlantic Ron Shaw – CTV Atlantic & CTV Two Atlantic