What happen in 1988 in Myanmar?

What happen in 1988 in Myanmar?

The 8888 uprising was started by students in Yangon (Rangoon) on 8 August 1988. Student protests spread throughout the country. Thousands of deaths have been attributed to the military during this uprising, while authorities in Burma put the figure at around 350 people killed.

Is Myanmar called Burma?

The official English name was changed by the country’s government from the “Union of Burma” to the “Union of Myanmar” in 1989, and still later to the “Republic of the Union of Myanmar”.

Is there a war in Burma?

The conflict has largely been ethnic-based, with several ethnic armed groups fighting Myanmar’s armed forces, the Tatmadaw, for self-determination. The conflict is the world’s longest ongoing civil war, having spanned more than seven decades.

What is 88 Generation Students group known for?

88 Generation Students Group. The 88 Generation Students ( Burmese: ၈၈ မျိုးဆက် ကျောင်းသားများ) is a Burmese pro-democracy movement known for their activism against the country’s military junta. Many of its members were imprisoned by the Burmese government on charges of “illegally using electronic media” and “forming an illegal organisation”.

What generation is someone born in 1988?

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What do Generation Y Think About the world today?

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What happened to Mie Mie from 88 Generation Students Group?

After the sentencing, the 88 Generation Students Group members reportedly faced numerous hardships in prison. In 2008, Mie Mie’s health was said to be deteriorating as a result of her imprisonment, due to spondylosis, arthritis, and an alleged lack of treatment for a heart condition.