What gun does Ohio State Patrol carry?

What gun does Ohio State Patrol carry?

SIG Sauer P320
The state patrol made the first state wide radio. As of 2019, Troopers carry the SIG Sauer P320 which replaced the SIG Sauer P226 DAO (Double-Action Only) in . 40 S&W, which had been in service since the early 2000s. The pistol prior to the P226 was the Beretta 96 .

How much do Ohio State troopers make an hour?

The average Ohio State Highway Patrol salary ranges from approximately $78,393 per year for a State Trooper to $78,393 per year for a State Trooper. The average Ohio State Highway Patrol hourly pay ranges from approximately $28 per hour for a Dispatcher to $44 per hour for a State Trooper.

Where do Ohio State Highway Patrol have jurisdiction?

The Ohio State Highway Patrol has jurisdiction on all public roadways within Ohio, as well as all state property (ORC 5503.02).

What are the requirements to be an Ohio State Trooper?

Education: High school diploma or GED. Driver’s License: Must have a valid operator’s license with no more than 6 points currently on your driving record. Must obtain an Ohio driver’s license prior to commission. Citizenship: Must be a citizen of the United States.

What does Ohio State Highway Patrol do?

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is an internationally accredited agency whose mission is to protect life and property, promote traffic safety and provide professional public safety services with respect, compassion, and unbiased professionalism.

How much does a sheriff deputy make in Ohio?

How much does a Deputy Sheriff make in Ohio? The average Deputy Sheriff salary in Ohio is $109,960 as of November 29, 2021, but the range typically falls between $103,840 and $116,650.

How much does Highway Patrol make in Ohio?

Answer: The starting salary for Ohio State Highway Patrol Troopers is $44,481 per year. Troopers receive regular annual increases thereafter. With typical pay supplements, longevity pay, and paid holiday overtime, after six years of service, troopers can reach a total annual salary of $73,035 or more.

How many Ohio State Highway Patrol officers are there?

Although personnel strength varies, the Patrol maintains a uniformed complement of about 1,600 officers.

How long is Ohio State Police Academy?

The curriculum requires a minimum of 737 hours of training, although local academies may mandate additional hours. Some academies run on a weekday schedule, some offer evening and/or weekend training, and some are college-based and on a semester calendar.

What does the Ohio State Patrol do?

How does the Ohio State Highway Patrol use aviation services?

Nearly every aviation service performed by Patrol pilots is available to other law enforcement agencies. For traffic enforcement, search assistance, aerial photography, evidence relays, or marijuana eradication, the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Aviation Section is a tremendous asset to law enforcement throughout the state.

What kind of drug charges did Ohio State Highway Patrol file?

Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers filed felony drug charges against a Michigan man after a stop in Pickaway County. During the traffic stop, troopers seized 7 pounds of methamphetamine and 290 grams of marijuana worth approximately $70,000. More.

Where will the Ohio State Highway Patrol conduct OVI checkpoints?

The Ohio State Highway Patrol will conduct OVI checkpoints in Allen, Ashland and Hancock counties.

What does the Ohio State Patrol do for marijuana eradication?

The Patrol participates in an active marijuana eradication program with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, but Patrol aircraft are also available to other law enforcement agencies for aerial detection of marijuana.