What fuel stations use Keyfuels?

What fuel stations use Keyfuels?

The Keyfuels card can be used at Tesco and Morrisons stations. This card can also be used at selected Shell, Esso, BP sites and many more which brings the total network coverage of the Keyfuels fuel card to over 3,000 sites (surcharges apply at selected sites).

Do BP garages accept Keyfuels?

Accepted at over 3,150 sites across the UK, including all Morrisons and Tesco sites, and a selection of BP, Shell, Texaco, and independent sites.

Can you use Keyfuels at Shell?

Our Key fuels filling stations are manned by well-established retailers and we work in conjunction with BP, Esso, Texaco and Shell as well as supermarket chains such as the Co-operative and Morrison’s and Moto. …

Can you collect Nectar points with Keyfuels?

Re: Keyfuels and loyalty points Some fuel cards do allow you to get loyalty points, Keyfuels generally don’t.

What fuel cards do Tesco accept?

There are various fuel cards that your drivers can use at Tesco petrol stations including — fuelGenie Fuel Card, FuelPlus Fuel Card, Texaco Fastfuel Fuel Card and FleetOne Fuel Card.

Is reading services Keyfuels?

It also adds 28 new motorway sites to the Keyfuels network. Reading Motorway Services operated by Moto. The move means that Keyfuels has over 70% coverage across the entire United Kingdom (UK) motorway network.

What fuel cards do coop accept?

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  • FuelPlus Fuel Card.
  • Texaco Fastfuel Fuel Card.
  • TruckOne Fuel Card.
  • FleetOne Fuel Card.

What is a Keyfuels card?

The UK’s Largest Commercial. Fuel Network Keyfuels’ cards and services give us the ability to accurately control and monitor the cost of fuel and our fleets expenditure, helping us to plan our fuel needs and purchase at the right time to save money.

Do BP take Nectar cards?

Grace Gausden, This is Money, replies: After a 16 year long partnership, BP has parted ways with Nectar, meaning, that as of 1 June, customers are no longer able to receive or redeem the points there.

Do Esso garages give Nectar points?

As of 1 June customers filling up at participating Esso branded service stations can collect Nectar points for every litre of fuel purchased. Customers can also earn Nectar points on products purchased in the shop and on car wash facilities at participating Esso branded service stations.

What fuel cards do Asda accept?

Asda Fuel Card FAQs Asda doesn’t accept the UK’s major fuel cards but you can use your cards at other supermarket forecourts. You can use the fuelGenie card, Texaco Fastfuel card and some other great fuel cards at supermarket petrol stations.

Can I get a fuel card for personal use?

Unfortunately, fuel cards are not suitable for personal use; this is because to complete the application process, a fuel card needs to be registered against a company.

Where can I fill up with Keyfuels in the UK?

The following filling stations have joined the network, meaning that our Keyfuels account customers can fill up at well over 1900 locations throughout the UK. Click on the site name to see the location in Google maps. Sedlescombe Road North, St Leonards on Sea, Sussex, TN37 7PD. Site located on the A21.

How many Keyfuels service stations are there?

As Keyfuels expands, new sites are constantly being added to the network, which now includes all of the Morrison’s* supermarket sites, a large number of Co-Op* sites taking the total network to over 2,500 service stations. *Surcharges apply at these sites and on the M6 tolls

What are the additional 60 Keyfuels fuel card sites?

Keyfuels have announced that an additional 60 sites are being added to their network in June 2021. This gives even more flexibility to holders of the Keyfuels fuel card, which will now be accepted at these additional 60 sites. These 60 Shell branded sites will bolster Keyfuels’ current network which comprises of over 3,400 fuelling sites.

What is the Keyfuels scheme?

The Keyfuels scheme is used by thousands of haulage companies in the UK and has greatly improved the internal administrative processes of businesses that need to monitor and report on the fuel consumption of their vehicles on a regular basis.