What does the word reviles mean?

What does the word reviles mean?

Definition of revile transitive verb. : to subject to verbal abuse : vituperate. intransitive verb. : to use abusive language : rail.

What does Riviling mean?

v.tr. To assail with scornful or abusive language; vituperate. See Synonyms at scold. To use scornful or abusive language. [Middle English revilen, from Old French reviler : re-, re- + vil, vile; see vile.]

What is this word contemptuously?

Definition of contemptuous : manifesting, feeling, or expressing deep hatred or disapproval : feeling or showing contempt.

How do you deal with a Reviler?

10 Tips for Criticizing People More Effectively

  1. You must know yourself and know your man.
  2. Do not revile those who are your inferiors.
  3. In reviling, enough is enough and there one should stop.
  4. Use the method of indirect attack.
  5. Preserve a placid exterior.
  6. In reviling use chaste and elegant language.
  7. Conquer by retreating.

Who is a Reviler?

someone who speaks abusively or contemptuously to or of another person or thing:The author said his father was an alcoholic, a self-hating reviler of anyone and everyone who disagreed with him.

What does Extortioner mean in the Bible?

a criminal who extorts money from someone by threatening to expose embarrassing information about them.

What is the meaning despise?

despise, contemn, scorn, disdain mean to regard as unworthy of one’s notice or consideration. despise may suggest an emotional response ranging from strong dislike to loathing. despises cowards contemn implies a vehement condemnation of a person or thing as low, vile, feeble, or ignominious.

What is the mean of seldom?

: in few instances : rarely, infrequently. seldom. adjective. Definition of seldom (Entry 2 of 2) : rare, infrequent.

What is meant by overrated movie?

not as good or important as some people believe. a highly overrated film.

What does revile mean?

scold, upbraid, berate, rail, revile, vituperate mean to reproach angrily and abusively. scold implies rebuking in irritation or ill temper justly or unjustly. angrily scolding the children upbraid implies censuring on definite and usually justifiable grounds.

What is another word for revile?

revile(v. a.) Synonyms: vilify, defame, reproach, slander, calumniate, asperse, traduce, malign, abuse, backbite, lampoon, speak ill of, run down, accuse falsely, damn with faint praise.

What is the meaning of reviled?

revile verb [ T ] uk ​ /rɪˈvaɪl/ us ​ /rɪˈvaɪl/ formal. ​. › to criticize someone strongly, or say unpleasant things to or about someone: The judge was reviled in the newspapers for his opinions on rape.