What does the Paramount Pictures logo look like?

What does the Paramount Pictures logo look like?

During this period, Paramount’s logo consisted of a drawing of a mountain peak placed inside a circular field of stars with the company name in a script font, a design which has since been passed onto all of the company’s subsequent logo designs.

What does ‘Paramount is pleased to bring you Our Feature Presentation’?

A variation exists where Brian Cummings says “Paramount is pleased to bring you our feature presentation”. This was used with all three byline variants, and can be found on Laserdiscs, as well as videocassettes without any opening previews.

When did Paramount start using Viacom bylines on tapes?

The Viacom variant is the most common and appears on most Paramount tapes from 1995 to 2006, including those from Nickelodeon, CBS Video, and MTV Home Video, as well as some Paramount Communications reprints. This version was first used on the retail release of Drop Zone (the screener version used the Paramount Communications byline).

When did Paramount start using the 75th anniversary logo?

During Paramount’s last years as a Gulf+Western company, a brand-new logo was unveiled, which first appeared at the beginning of The Golden Child (1986). Like many other logos, the words “75th Anniversary” appear during the logo’s first year, and was seen on films until February 5, 1988.

What was the original name of Paramount Pictures?

The name “Paramount Pictures” was adopted in 1916. Today, Paramount is the last of the “Big Five” major film studios still headquartered Los Angeles, California, in the Hollywood district.

When did Paramount start using the CBS logo on TV?

Hours later, Paramount chairman announced that the studio was co-producing a CBS TV series with Sony Pictures Television. However, they didn’t use an on-screen logo until 2015.