What does the IBM logo mean?

What does the IBM logo mean?

In 1924, the company had its first IBM logo that had a shape of globe. The logo design had Business Machines written in sans-serif font and International inserted in a strip. The globe shaped logo was representation of worldwide expansion of the company computer business.

How did Paul Rand create the IBM logo?

In 1981, Rand designed a witty rebus poster Eye-Bee-M to commemorate IBM’s THINK campaign. Under his guidance, IBM published reports, brochures, and advertisements that played with variations on the logo’s typography, stripe pattern, and color.

What does eye-bee-m mean?

This poster EYE-BEE-M (Rebus) is part of IBM’s century-long THINK promotional campaign. The tactics are unorthodox, but they critically communicate that IBM is a company that values “insight,” “industriousness,” and “motivation.” These values characterize IBM’s corporate identity.

How does Paul Rand approach logo design what are some of his philosophies?

While creating a logo Paul Rand vehemently believed that one should not assume the presence of a logo shall give an identity to a company. Instead he stressed on the importance of how much the company’s own well-being feeds into the significance of its logo.

Why is the IBM logo effective?

Blue is often associated with stability, depth, loyalty, trust, and intelligence. The light blue color has a soothing effect on people. In the IBM logo, they convey a sense of strength, professionalism, and dominance. It is a highly effective logo that is symbolic of their professionalism.

What color is the IBM logo?

IBM Blue
The IBM hex colors are confirmed by the SVG logo on IBM’s website….IBM color codes: RGB, CMYK, Pantone, Hex.

IBM Blue Hex color: #006699
CMYK: 75 43 0 0
Pantone: PMS 2718 C

What is Paul Rand’s style?

In the 1940s, Paul Rand strayed from conventional standards of typography and layout, and started incorporating Swiss style of design into his creations. He merged American visual culture into modern design, incorporating Cubism, Constructivism, the Bauhaus and De Stijl into his work.

What is the slogan of IBM?

“THINK” is a slogan associated with the American multinational technology company IBM.

What is the IBM logo font?

IBM Plex® Mono Light
The IBM Plex® Mono Light typeface is the primary typeface used within the IBM Developer brand system. It’s the visual “voice” of IBM Developer.

What was Paul Rand’s style?

What was IBM’s original logo name?

The original IBM “Globe” logo The name change in 1924 required a new corporate logo.