What does Richard do in Hotline Miami?

What does Richard do in Hotline Miami?

In the game, Richard is a fatalistic nihilist who appears to violent individuals and tries to deter them from their path of violence. Richard also appears for one final time before Florida and Hawaii are nuked.

Is Jacket a mute?

According to Dennis Wedin in a reddit AMA, Jacket is not actually mute. Instead, none of his dialogue is ever shown on screen, likely to keep him a mysterious character.

Why does Jacket talk with a tape recorder?

Jacket is, technically speaking, the first character to be “voiced” by more than one voice actor, his tape being voiced by a total of four. This is mostly due to the tape having multiple languages. It is unknown how he activates the tape recorder while both hands are visible or he’s carrying a two-handed weapon.

What is the payday 2 hidden achievement?

Complete the Safe House Nightmare on the Normal difficulty and collect the correct baby mask. This is a secret achievement.

How do you get Jake in Hotline Miami?

Obtaining. Belonging to 50 Blessings operator Jake who failed on a mission, got captured and killed (at the location of the chapter Hot & Heavy). This mask can be found in Chapter 10, Hot & Heavy, north-west section, on Jake’s dead body in the top most room.

How do you beat the biker in Hotline Miami?

To defeat Biker, the player must first retrieve a golf club from the nearby golf bag and avoid all of his attacks. After missing two attacks Biker will throw his cleaver at Jacket. Should the player avoid the cleaver, Biker will run to it in attempt to retrieve it.

What is Hotline Miami based on?

The documentary Cocaine Cowboys influenced the developer’s decision to use 1980’s Miami as a setting. On the use of masks, the designers said they were inspired by the movie Kick-Ass and tried to figure out a way where someone without a lot of money would be able to disguise themselves.

What gun does Jacket use?

Jacket’s piece(sic) is a modified Mark 10 submachine gun, sporting a great fire power because of its damage and high rate of fire. The recoil is difficult to control however, much like Jacket himself. Jacket’s Piece is a secondary weapon in PAYDAY 2, added with the release of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number on Steam.

How do you get the secret ending in Payday 2?

Once the dentist is dead, someone needs to grab the Mayan gold from near Locke, and place it in a designated spot in the chamber. Now the crew should grab bars from that spot, and place them in slots on the floor. Once done, the secret will unlock.

How do you do secrets in Payday 2?

Starts here17:03A Complete Guide to PAYDAY 2’s Secret – YouTubeYouTube

How do you get the secret ending in Hotline Miami?

In Chapter 19 you will come across a computer that requires a password. Finding this password entails tracking down a series of letters hidden across the various chapters of the game. Finding these letters and accessing the computer will unlock a secret ending that reveals hidden story details.

How do I get the secret of Payday 2?

If you completed all of the steps above, you are ready to experience the secret of Payday 2 for yourself. To access the secret you have to play the Whitehouse Heist on atleast the Overkill difficulty.

What is the name of jacket’s default mask in Payday 2?

In the multiplayer first person shooter game ‘PAYDAY 2’, if the player plays as the character Jacket, his default mask will be a variant of the Richard Mask called “Richard Returns” The original Richard mask is available to anyone who owns a copy of the original Hotline Miami.

Can I get Richard returns on Steam?

“Richard Returns” and “Richard Returns Begins” (“Richard Returns” with a completely white texture) are only available to anyone who owns a copy of Hotline Miami 2 steam special edition (with Jacket, Jacket’s Piece SMG and the Carpenter’s Delight hammer) Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

How do you get the happy Santa masks in Payday 2?

PAYDAY 2 Community. These masks are available by joining the PAYDAY 2 Community Group. Once you join, you will unlock 1 of each mask in your inventory. You will also be able to obtain the Mark, Hockey Heat and Happy Santa masks via card drops.