What does NPO stand for?

What does NPO stand for?

nothing by mouth
A Latin abbreviation for “nothing by mouth.”

What does acronym mean in medical?

(ak’rō-nim) A pronounceable word formed from the initial letters of each word or selected words in a phrase (e.g., AIDS).

Is BD twice daily?

by numbers however, on occasion are represented by roman numerals (i = 1, ii = 2, iii = 3, iv = 4, v = 5 etc.)….Pharmacy Abbreviations.

Abbreviation Meaning
OD Daily
BD Twice a day
TDS (or TD or TID) Three times a day
QDS (or QD) Four times a day

Does ECG do CCU?

Background: Electrocardiography (ECG) has been routinely performed in all patients in CCU and ICCU in Siriraj Hospital everyday in the morning until discharge for screening the abnormalities, such as ischemic changes and arrhythmia.

What does PMD stand for in medical terms?


Acronym Definition
PMD Private Medical Doctor
PMD Primary Medical Doctor
PMD Program Management Division
PMD Portable Mission Display (US Air Force)

What do you mean by acronyms?

Definition of acronym : a word (such as NATO, radar, or laser) formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the successive parts or major parts of a compound term also : an abbreviation (such as FBI) formed from initial letters : initialism.

What does HRT stand for in medical terms?

Also called: ERT, Estrogen replacement therapy, HRT, Menopausal hormone therapy.

What is TDS PRN?

p. r. n. = pro re nata (when required) q. d. s. = quater die sumendum (to be taken four times daily) q. q. h. = quarta quaque hora (every four hours) stat = immediately. t. d. s. = ter die sumendum (to be taken three times daily)

What is BD fertility?

BD – Baby Dance A reference to having sexual intercourse during your most fertile days. BD can also mean Baby Dust – a good luck phrase meaning “I hope you get pregnant”.

What is the meaning of CCU in hospital?

The critical care unit (CCU) provides specialized, round-the-clock care for patients with serious medical conditions.

Is CCU serious?

Problems Managed in a CCU Patients are admitted to the CCU for serious, acute, and/or unstable cardiac conditions that require round-the-clock monitoring and specialized cardiovascular therapy.

What does acacronym NBO stand for?

Acronym Definition NBO Network Bandwidth Optimization NBO Network Business Opportunity NBO Networked Business Object NBO Network Byte Order NBO Network Bus Object NBO New Business Office NBO Natural Bond Orbital NBO Network Byte Order (TCP/IP) NBO New Business Opportunity NBO National Building Organization NBO

What is manageable through NBO’s mobile app?

Manageable through NBO’s mobile app, customers can now load it with the currency of choice eliminating the need to visit any exchange agencies prior to traveling. Travel Smart With NBO’s Badeel Travel Prepaid Card

How big is National Bank of Oman (NBO)?

As of March 31, 2017, NBO has overall OMR3,606 million in assets, up 5. NBO is an Omani bank with an 11 per cent market share in terms of total assets as of year-end 2015.

What does National Bank of Oman’s IDR downgrade mean for NBO?

Fitch Ratings downgrades National Bank of Oman’s IDR to ‘BB+’ from ‘BBB-‘ The roadshow is aimed at promoting NBO’s capabilities and services to Commercial Bank customers with existing and potential business interests in Oman.