What does Kenshiro mean?

What does Kenshiro mean?

Do you like this video? Kenshiro (ケンシロウ), nicknamed Ken by his friends, is the main protagonist of the Fist of the North Star series. He is one of the series’ iconic characters, who is famous for saying “You are already dead.”

What is Kenshiro’s zankai Ken?

Hokutō Zankai Ken (North Star/Hokuto Remorse Fist/Hokuto Fist of Pentinence) – A Legendary Move famously used against many minor enemies in the series, Kenshiro simply punctures his thumbs into the sides of his opponent’s head. After three seconds to repent for their sins, the victim of this technique explodes violently, stunning nearby enemies.

What does Kenshiro use his punches for?

Hokuto Shichish Seiten (North Star/Hokuto Seven Stars of Death) – Kenshiro punches at specific vital points that forms the shape of the Big Dipper. Used to also to break walls embedded with the Big Dipper.

What happens to Kenshiro’s omae wa mou shindeiru?

Omae wa mou shindeiru) is delivered to those opponents whom he kills before they even know they’re dead. Kenshiro was originally an orphan from Taiseiden, Shura and a descendent of the Hokuto Sōke bloodline. He was sent to the mainland by Jukei as a baby to be adopted by Ryuken, master of Hokuto Shinken.

Is Kenshiro the 64th successor of Hokuto?

As even Hokuto Shinken is not immune to the chaos of the post apocalyptic world, Kenshiro takes it upon himself to not only protect the last surviving bastions of humanity, but to rightfully claim the title of the 64th Successor of Hokuto Shinken, to ensure its righteousness as a martial art of benevolence.

Who voices Kenshiro in Hokuto ga Gotoku?

In Hokuto ga Gotoku, a spinoff of the Yakuza series, Kenshiro is voiced by Takaya Kuroda. English voice actors that have voiced Kenshirō includes John Vickery in the Streamline Pictures dub of the 1986 movie, Lex Lang in the Manga Entertainment dub of the TV series and Robert Kraft (voice actor) in the ADV Films dub of New Fist of the North Star.