What does Jno on a headstone mean?

What does Jno on a headstone mean?

In genealogy records, ‘JNO’ or ‘Jno” is an abbreviation for the name ‘John. ‘ Similarly, ‘Jas’ is the abbreviation for the name ‘James’ and…

What does MJ mean after a name?

Acronym Definition
MJ Mary-Jane (slang for marijuana)
MJ Marijuana
MJ Mary Jane (Watson/Watson-Parker; Spiderman character)
MJ Mint Julep (drink)

What does Jno mean in genealogy?

Jno. ( abbreviation) Used for the names John or Johannes. joiner.

What does M mean in genealogy?

for born, bap. for baptised, m. for married and bur. for buried, and use this abbreviation throughout your family tree. If you use a single letter to signify a surname such as D for Dunkley on your work, you should use the same letter(s) on every document and also include a description of what it means.

What is Jno an abbreviation for?

“Jno.”, abbreviation of John (given name)

What does a broken chain on a headstone mean?

The gravestone below has a broken chain that wraps around the pedestal base of the column. Like much of the funerary art, the broken link of a chain, too, represents the life that was ended. This symbolism dates back to Medieval times when people believed that the soul could be held to the body by a golden chain.

What is the name MJ?

Mj is a name that signifies a freedom-loving and free-spirited individual.

Is MJ a male or female name?

Mj – Boy’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

What is Jno an abbreviation of?

Jno is short for John.

How do you abbreviate Jonathan?

This List of abbreviations for names shows common abbreviations of English given names….Common abbreviations for English given names.

Abig. Abigail
Jon. Jonathan
Jos. Joseph
Josh. Joshua
Josh Josiah

What does int mean in genealogy?

INT – Intestate, meaning the individual died without a will. Do – an abbreviation for “ditto”.

What does NN mean in genealogy?

Nomen nescio (pronounced [ˈnoːmɛn ˈnɛskɪ. oː]), abbreviated to N.N., is used to signify an anonymous or unnamed person. From Latin nomen – “name”, and nescio – “I do not know”, it literally means “I do not know the name”.

What does Jno stand for?

From Rod Neep (boss of Archive CD Books) “This is a very common abbreviation, and the question gets raised very regularly Jno = John always! Rod — Rod Neep : Cinderford, Gloucestershire, England”

What does MJ stand for?

Michelle Jones, also known officially as Michelle and most commonly as MJ, is a fictional character portrayed by Zendaya in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film franchise, an original character within the media franchise that pays homage to Mary Jane “MJ” Watson, a common love interest of Spider-Man in comic books and various media.

What is the full form of jajno?

Jno was the abbreviation for Johannes, Jas for Jacobus, Jos for Josephus – all Latin forms of John, James, Joseph. Its the abreviation of Jonathan, the catholic registers call him Johannes.

Is it true that JNO was John?

Surely even if Jno was officially John it would depend on the knowledge and whim of the parish clerk or priest whether they used it ‘correctly’. I’ve certainly found some ancestors who were known in later life as Jonathon and entered in the parish register as Jno.