What does IMb stand for USPS?

What does IMb stand for USPS?

The Postal Service implemented use of Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMb) in September 2006, to sort and track individual letters, cards, and flats.

How do I read a USPS IMb?

The USPS has a decoder/encoder online at https://postalpro.usps.com/tools/encoder. To use this tool, you need to enter the letter designation for each bar (F, D, A or T). Then, it decodes the IMb based on the letters input.

What do the lines on return envelopes mean?

Facing Identification Mark
Overview. The Facing Identification Mark (or FIM) is used by the USPS to assist in the processing of letter mail. This small pattern of vertical bars plays an important role in speeding your envelope mail through the USPS system.

What is an IMb number?

The Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb®) is a 65-bar Postal Service™ barcode used to sort and track letters and flats.

Where is the barcode clear zone on an envelope?

lower right corner
The barcode clear zone is a rectangular area in the lower right corner of the address side of cards and letter-size pieces defined by these boundaries: Left: 4-3/4 inches from the right edge of the piece. Right: right edge of the piece. Top: 5/8 inch from the bottom edge of the piece.

Can I reuse envelopes with barcodes?

It is not a good idea to reuse envelopes with barcodes. It could direct your mail to an incorrect address, resulting in delays or loss (if the mail is not returned to USPS). The barcodes have a purpose. The barcodes will direct a letter to a location.

What is USPS Delivery Point Code?

Delivery Point Code. In mail processing, it is the finest level of code to which a mail piece can be sorted by its address. The delivery point code is usually the 11-digit numeric code taken from the ZIP+4 and represented by the delivery point barcode (DPBC).

How do you know if a return envelope is prepaid?

Prepaid Envelopes (not to be confused with Business Reply Envelopes) are envelopes that already contain either a First Class or Second Class postmark to signify that the postage has been paid for. Because it uses this specific postmark, it doesn’t require you to affix a stamp to it.

Does a return envelope need a stamp?

Leave the return address EMPTY. Place adequate postage (one stamp, currently $0.46) on the envelope. If you want multiple things (multiple bookmarks and bookplates, for example) adding a second stamp will ensure enough postage for the added weight. DO NOT SEAL THIS ENVELOPE.

What type of barcode is an IMb?

Intelligent Mail barcode
The Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) is a 65-bar Postal Service™ barcode that is used to sort and track letters and flats. It allows mailers to use a single barcode to: Participate in multiple Postal Service programs simultaneously. Track individual mailpieces.

What carrier is IMb?

An IMb (Intelligent Mail barcode) is the part of a USPS label that provides tracking on a letter or flat. When tracking an IMb label with the Track a Package API, set the carrier query parameter to IMB , all caps.

Where do I find the IMB on a letter?

On letters, the IMb is located in the address block or the barcode clear zone in the lower right of the envelope. On flats, it must be on the address side (or front side) of the mailpiece and at least 1/3-inch from any edge of the piece. The IMb is typically printed by the mailer or the presort house.

What is the FIM on a USPS envelope?

The FIM tells a key USPS processing machine two things about the envelope. First, it alerts the machine as to what type of postage is (or should be) affixed to the piece. Second, it tells the machine if the mail piece already has a Intelligent Mail barcode representation of the delivery ZIP+4.

What is the IMB and how does it work?

It allows mailers to use a single barcode to participate in multiple Postal Service programs simultaneously, expands mailers’ ability to track individual mailpieces, and provides greater mail stream visibility. The IMb is required for use on letters and flats prepared for automation prices.

Are IMB serial numbers unique?

IMbs can be, but are not always required to be, unique. Uniqueness is required for Full Service Intelligent Mail or Origin IMb Tracing customers, and in those cases the MID and serial number can create a barcode unique to each mailpiece. Currently, serial number uniqueness is not required to qualify for basic automation prices.