What does Chaos Zakum drop?

What does Chaos Zakum drop?

Normal Zakum will give a total of 799,380 if all the arms are defeated (4,750,740 EXP in GMS), the arms and body provide exp when defeated. Chaos Zakum’s arms will award 161,280 each, with the body awarding none.

What level should you do Chaos Zakum?

Chaos Zakum (Level 90+)

What level can you solo Chaos Zakum reboot?

You just have to be Level 97. 800k+ damage if you’re in a party or 2 – 3m to solo. In all honestly, don’t bother solo’ing.

Where can I find Zakum?

Zakum was a spirit sealed in a tree deep in the mines of El Nath. A mining town that once existed nearby eventually discovered this tree.

What level is Ursus?


Ursus (Boss)
Level 129
EXP 88,400
Attack 10,000

How do you fight the Crimson Queen?

The only way to get rid of the flames is to either die or to get hit by her flame breath. Her flame breath does 80,000 total damage in Chaos mode. Sorrowful Crimson Queen can deploy a red bubble that causes damage reflect. Her claw attack causes poison.

What is the normal level for Hilla?

Battle Overview. In the Battle for Azwan scenario, the Boss Fight with Hilla may be attempted once per day, regardless of difficulty chosen; a player must be Level 120 to attempt Normal Mode and 170 for Hard, although for Hard Mode it is highly recommended to be in a 2-player party.

How do I increase my damage range MapleStory?

Best MapleStory Methods to Increase Damage Guide

  1. Produce a Cygnus Character and level it as much as Level 120.
  2. Develop an Explorer/Adventurer Character and level it as much as Level 200.
  3. Produce characters that have Link Skills.
  4. Setup Maple Legion aka Maple Union.
  5. Obtain “Will of Alliance” Talent.

What is the normal range for Gollux?

A good range to be able to clear hard gollux is 2 mil and up. An IED of 85%+ is also necessary. The most important thing when it comes to bossing is really the mechanics. With good mechanics you won’t need as much stat and range to clear the boss.

How do you get Zakum helmet in Maplestory M?

Can be obtained from Boss Accessory Choice Box during the Owner of the Safe Event.

How do you get the eye of fire in Maplestory?

When talking to Adobis at Entrance to Zakum Altar or Entrance to Chaos Zakum Altar, you will receive 1 Eye of Fire if you do not have one in your possession.

Can Ursus be done on multiple characters?

Battle Overview You can fight Ursus with 1-18 people, separated into up to 3 parties of 6 players each. All skills except for 5th Job skills can be used in the battle. Ursus has an individual ranking system for each player.

Where can I find (Zakum)?

A fight against Zakum. Zakum is a boss found in the El Nath Mine in the El Nath Mountains. There is a PQ relating to this called ZPQ Zakum Party Quest There are several parts to this monster which are: Note: Zakum itself (All the Bodies, and all 8 arms) total up to 482,100,000 HP, almost 500 million Health.

How hard is chaos Zakum?

Chaos Zakum should be a lot harder than normal Zakum but slightly easier than Horntail I think! Numbers of entrance: Once a day, reset every 24 hours! Channels to do Chaos Zakum: Channel 15~20! Request Quest: none or available – can be discussed later!

What happened to Zakum in Monster Park?

Zakum now rests deep in the lava caves, waiting for powerful players to challenge his might. There is evidence found in the Monster Park that Spiegelmann may have had a hand in building it, which he hotly denies, even to the point of attempting to bribe someone who finds the photo into keeping quiet.

How did Zakum become so powerful?

At the time, Zakum was a peaceful monster that had no enemies, but the greed of the miners corrupted it. As the spirit was corrupted, it grew smarter, and finally became capable of controlling the town’s populace. It forced them to build an enormous statue in tribute to it.