What does acol stand for in bridge?

What does acol stand for in bridge?

Acol is named after the Acol Bridge Club in London NW6, where it originated in the early 1930s. The club was founded on Acol Road, named after Acol, Kent. According to Terence Reese, the system’s main devisers were Maurice Harrison-Gray, Jack Marx and S. J. “Skid” Simon.

What is the difference between acol and standard bridge?

What are the differences? Whereas Acol plays 4 card majors, in Standard an opening bid of 1 of a major promises at least a 5 card suit. So you can support a major immediately with just 3 card support if you wish.

What is basic acol in bridge?

Acol is the bridge bidding system that, according to The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge, is “standard in British tournament play and widely used in other parts of the world”. It is a natural system using four-card majors and, most commonly, a weak no trump.

What is the most common bridge bidding system?

Strong club systems are the most popular artificial systems, where opening of 1♣ shows a strong hand (typically 16+ HCP). Other 1-level bids are typically natural, but limited to about 15 HCP.

What are the practice hands in bridge?

Practice Hands: Partner opens 1 ♥ and you have the hands below. What do you bid? Hand 1. Bid 1 ♠. Keep the bidding as low as possible when changing suit and be prepared to bid again as this is a good hand

Is there a free trial for Acol Bridge?

This is a genuine, no obligation, free trial. No credit card or other financial details will be taken unless you decide to continue your membership at the end of your trial. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain in becoming a better bridge player. Acol bridge players can get their two week trial HERE.

How do I change bridgedoctor to bid in Acol?

You can change BridgeDoctor to bid in ACOL by: From the main Bridge game screen select “Settings” and a Window will popup with a list of choices. Click on ACOL and this will change your default settings to the following: The settings will be remembered for next time you visit BridgeDoctor.