What do turbo size numbers mean?

What do turbo size numbers mean?

Basically, the larger the number, the bigger the housing. Exhaust-gas velocity plays a major role in a turbo’s spooling (turbine wheel speed). As the exhaust volume in the housing’s volute decreases, gas is able to maintain velocity and a high energy level.

What MM is a HX55 turbo?

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Holset HX55 Turbocharger Specs
Length (mm) 259
Width (mm) 275
Height (mm) 225
Smallest Mass (kg) 18

What size is a Holset HX55?

Holset HX55 Turbochargers

Holset HX55 Turbocharger Specs
Airflow (kg/s) 0.75
Length (mm) 259
Width (mm) 275

How big is a K04 turbo?

On the turbine side, the OEM K04 uses a 50.1mm inducer and a 44.5mm exducer 12-blade cast wheel. The CST4 uses a 56.2mm inducer and 49mm exducer high-flow 9-blade design. Again, the CST4 outshines the K04 with the turbine inducer being 12% larger and the exducer 10% larger.

Is a 65mm turbo big?

yes a 65mm is a big turbo for a DD 2nd gen truck that tows. Do you know the specs of the turbo, besides the compressor? You should define a power goal then build your setup to match. If you want <500 hp then a single can work pretty good if you want >500 hp then twins are in your future.

How big is a hx40w turbo?

62mm X 86mm
Turbo Lab America Holset 62mm HX40 62mm X 86mm T3 . 82 Complete Turbo.

How big is a 1.8 turbo?

Audi A4 (B6) 1.8 Turbo Engine Technical Data
Engine size – Displacement – Engine capacity : 1781 cm3 or 108.7 cu-in
Bore x Stroke : 81.0 x 86.4 mm 3.19 x 3.39 inches
Number of valves : 20 Valves
Aspiration : Turbo + Intercooler

What size is a stock HX35 turbo?

94-98 HX35’s are 8blade compressor 54mm x 83mm, turbine 58mm, 12cm^2 dual volute wastegated housing.

How many MM is a Holset HX35 Turbo?

Holset HX35 Turbochargers

Holset HX35 Turbocharger Specs
Length (mm) 224
Width (mm) 250
Height (mm) 169
Smallest Mass (kg) 9

What is the biggest Holset turbo?

Holset HX60 Turbochargers

Holset HX60 Turbocharger Specs
Smallest Mass (kg) 18
Largest Mass (kg) 22
Wastegate Yes

How much HP can a K04 handle?

Registered. K04 is good till around 310 to the wheels. We never measure it to the wheels in our country, we just measure hp, so it is realistic to achieve 340-350 on dsg tranny with exhaust and induction.