What district is Kwai Chung?

What district is Kwai Chung?

Kwai Chung is an urban area within Tsuen Wan New Town in the New Territories of Hong Kong. Together with Tsing Yi Island, it is part of the Kwai Tsing District District of Hong Kong. It is also part of Tsuen Wan New Town.

What region is Tsing Yi?

Tsing Yi, sometimes referred to as Tsing Yi Island, is an island in the urban area of Hong Kong, to the northwest of Hong Kong Island and south of Tsuen Wan.

Is Tsing Yi a New Town?

After being designated as a new town in the 1970s, Tsing Yi Island combined with two adjacent islands—Nga Ying Chau and Chau Tsai—form Hong Kong’s fifth largest island.

What is New Territories Hong Kong?

The New Territories is one of the three main regions of Hong Kong, alongside Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula. It makes up 86.2% of Hong Kong’s territory, and contains around half of the population of Hong Kong.

Is Causeway Bay a district?

Causeway Bay is a district of Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. It belongs to Wan Chai District. When referring to the district, the Cantonese name is never romanised as “Tung Lo Wan”. It is a major shopping, leisure and cultural centre in Hong Kong, with a number of major shopping malls.

Which district is Ma Wan in?

Ma Wan (Chinese: 馬灣) is one of the 18 constituencies in the Tsuen Wan District of Hong Kong which was created in 2015….Ma Wan (constituency)

Ma Wan
District Tsuen Wan
Legislative Council constituency New Territories South West
Population 15,648 (2019)
Electorate 6,983 (2019)

How do you get to Tsing Yi Peak?

Getting to Tsing Yi Nature Trails From MTR Tsing Yi Station Exit A1, take bus 248M to the last stop at Cheung Wang Estate. Alight the bus and walk up Liu To Road, past the Fresh Water Service Reservoir to find the north entrance of the Tsing Yi Nature Trails on the right.

How many people live in Tung Chung?

Islands District

Islands 離島區
• Total 170,900
Time zone UTC+8 (Hong Kong Time)
Largest neighbourhood by population Tung Chung (86,403 – 2016 est)
Website Islands District Council

Why are new towns developed?

The new town movement refers to towns that were built in the United Kingdom after World War II and that have been purposefully planned, developed and built as a remedy to overcrowding and congestion in some instances, and to scattered ad hoc settlements in others.

How big are New Territories HK?

368 mi²
New Territories/Area

What is Causeway Bay known for?

Causeway Bay is one of the most crowded and central areas in Hong Kong. The area contains many trendy shops carrying both locally made and imported fashion and products from around the world. As such, it is a popular social spot for young people. Many shops are open until after midnight.

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What is the population of Tsing Yi Island?

In an estimation in 2007, there are about 200,400 people. It is expected to grow to 203,300 in the near future. Most of the population live in Tsing Yi Town . Tsing Yi Island is a hilly island with Tsing Yi Peak in the south and Liu To Shan in the north east.

What is the history of the Tsing Yi Bridge?

In the 1970s, six large-scale companies on the island collectively built the Tsing Yi Bridge to connect Tsing Yi Town and Kwai Chung Town over the Rambler Channel. The bridge was soon transferred to the Hong Kong Government, remaining the sole road connection to the island for more than ten years.

What is the history of the Tsing Yi power station?

In the 1960s, several oil companies moved their oil storage depots onto the island and a Green Island Cement cement plant. CLP later commissioned its 1520 MW oil-fired Tsing Yi Power Station in 1969 at Nam Wan due to its proximity to the oil tank farms.