What did Arthur Phillip discover?

What did Arthur Phillip discover?

On May 13, 1787 Captain Arthur Phillip led a fleet of 11 ships on a 252-day journey halfway around the world from Portsmouth, England, to New South Wales. They were heading to the recently discovered land of Australia to create a new penal colony.

What was Arthur Phillip famous for?

Arthur Phillip, (born October 11, 1738, London, England—died August 31, 1814, Bath, Somerset), British admiral whose convict settlement established at Sydney in 1788 was the first permanent European colony on the Australian continent.

What was the route taken by the First Fleet?

Then the fleet sailed back across the Atlantic to Cape Town, South Africa, where they took on even more food, including livestock. The main portion of the journey was across the entire Indian Ocean, from Cape Town to Botany Bay—they traveled about 24,000 kilometers (15,000 miles) throughout the entire journey.

Why did the First Fleet stop at Tenerife?

June 1787 – the ships stopped in Tenerife (one of the Canary Islands off the north-western coast of Africa) to stock up on fresh water, vegetables and meat.

Who named Sydney?

Thomas Townshend
Phillip but found Botany Bay unsatisfactory and sailed north and landed at Sydney Cove on Sydney Harbour. Phillip originally named the colony ‘New Albion’, but then the colony acquired the name ‘Sydney’, after the British Home Secretary, Thomas Townshend, Lord Sydney.

Did Captain Arthur Phillip have a wife?

In July 1763, he married Margaret Charlotte Denison née Tibbott (known as Charlott), a widow 16 years his senior, and moved to Glasshayes in Lyndhurst, Hampshire, establishing a farm there. The marriage was unhappy, and the couple separated in 1769 when Phillip returned to the Navy.

Who was Hobart named after?

Robert Hobart, 4th
It was named Hobart Town after Robert Hobart, 4th earl of Buckinghamshire, then secretary of state for the colonies. In 1804 the settlement was moved to the city’s present site, Sullivans Cove.

What is the oldest city in Australia?

Which Are The Oldest Settlements In Australia?

Rank Year Of Establishment Town/City
1 1788 Sydney
2 1788 Parramatta
3 1788 Kingston
4 1791 Windsor

Where is Arthur Phillip buried?

Arthur Phillip’s remains are buried at the Church of Saint Nicholas in Bathampton, England.

What did Arthur Phillip do to the aboriginals?

“Philip considered himself a peacemaker and thought he could negotiate with the Aboriginal people,” Professor McGrath told news.com.au. He kidnapped some Aboriginal men to try and gain information about food and water sources as well as their language.