What band is similar to the Strokes?

What band is similar to the Strokes?

Similar To

  • Arctic Monkeys.
  • Franz Ferdinand.
  • Razorlight.
  • Spoon.
  • The Hives.
  • The Libertines.
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
  • Blonde Redhead.

What genre is the Voidz?

Experimental rock
The Voidz (formerly Julian Casablancas+The Voidz) are an American rock band….

The Voidz
Genres Experimental rock
Years active 2013–present
Labels Cult RCA Terrible
Associated acts The Sick Six, The Strokes, Whitestarr

What should I listen to if I like Radiohead?

Similar To

  • Björk.
  • Mogwai.
  • Muse.
  • Spiritualized.
  • Alt-J.
  • Animal Collective.
  • Elbow.
  • James Blake.

What other bands do you like Radiohead Reddit?


  • animal collective.
  • lcd soundsystem.
  • arcade fire.
  • sufjan stevens.
  • Are the strokes punk?

    Primarily, the Strokes are influenced by proto-punk. Recently they have also added elements of dream-pop, post-punk, not to mention their own brand of zaniness. Let’s look at 5 of the music genres that The Strokes help bury in 2001 along with the release of their debut album.

    Are the Voidz and the strokes the same?

    Julian Fernando Casablancas (born August 23, 1978) is an American singer, best known as the lead vocalist and primary songwriter of rock band The Strokes, with whom he has released six studio albums since their founding in 1998. Since 2013, he has been the frontman of experimental rock band The Voidz.

    What band is Julian Casablancas in?

    The StrokesSince 1998
    The VoidzSince 2013
    Julian Casablancas/Music groups

    For nearly two decades, Julian Casablancas, the lead singer of the Strokes and the Voidz, has been synonymous with New York City, or at least one particularly iconic version of it.

    What is Radiohead’s best album?

    Radiohead Albums Ranked

    • 8.) Amnesiac.
    • 7.) The King of Limbs.
    • 5.) Hail to the Thief.
    • 4.) A Moon Shaped Pool.
    • 3.) In Rainbows.
    • 2.) Kid A.
    • 1.) OK Computer.

    What bands does Thom Yorke like?

    Thom Yorke’s biggest musical influences:

    • Neil Young. Perhaps the most famous of Yorke’s influences is Neil Young.
    • R.E.M. We all have that one album that piqued or interest and, in many ways, changed our lives.
    • Björk.
    • Pixies.
    • David Bowie.

    Is Interpol an emo?

    Interpol is an American band formed in 1998 was formed in New York . They are generally classified as indie rock , though they are also placed in the post-punk genre .

    What genre is nirvana?

    Nirvana, American alternative rock group whose breakthrough album, Nevermind (1991), announced a new musical style (grunge) and gave voice to the post-baby boom young adults known as Generation X.

    Is Julian Casablancas in The Strokes or the Voidz?

    Strokes leader Julian Casablancas released a solo album in 2009 in which he sought to give fans music he knew they’d like, something he now regrets. Now the 40-year-old is heading a new band, the Voidz.