What are the top 5 countries for human trafficking?

What are the top 5 countries for human trafficking?

The 10 Worst Countries for Human Trafficking

  • China.
  • Eritrea.
  • Iran.
  • North Korea.
  • Russia.
  • Sudan.
  • Syria.
  • Venezuela. Among those trafficked out of Venezuela, 55 percent are adults, 26 percent are young girls and 19 percent are young boys.

Is there slavery in Ukraine?

The Global Slavery Index estimates that approximately 210,400 Ukrainians are enslaved today, a twofold increase over pre-war estimates. In a report listing the prevalence of modern slavery in 160 countries, Ukraine jumped from 86th place in 2013 to 25th place in 2016.

Which European country has the most human trafficking?

The Netherlands
Statista created a chart to demonstrate which countries in Europe have the highest level of registered victims of human trafficking: The Netherlands come out at the top, with 1,561 registered victims, closely followed by the UK, with 1,358.

Is human trafficking a problem in Europe?

The selling of young women into sexual slavery has become one of the fastest-growing criminal enterprises in the European Union. While human trafficking has existed for centuries all over the world, it has become an increasing concern for countries in the Balkan part of southern Europe since the fall of Communism.

Why are Eastern European girls trafficked?

There are a lot of troops.” Women living in the poorer countries of Central and Eastern Europe are often lured into trafficking rings by newspaper advertisements offering lucrative opportunities abroad working as waitresses or nannies.

How can you tell if someone is a human trafficker?

Someone may be experiencing labor trafficking or exploitation if they:

  1. Feel pressured by their employer to stay in a job or situation they want to leave.
  2. Owe money to an employer or recruiter or are not being paid what they were promised or are owed.
  3. Do not have control of their passport or other identity documents.

Does human trafficking happen in every country?

Human trafficking affects every country of the world, as country of origin, transit or destination Victims from at least 127 countries have been found to be exploited in 137 States. Recruitment is often carried out by nationals of the same country as the victims.