What are the S&P 500 futures at right now?

What are the S&P 500 futures at right now?

S&P 500 (Mini)

IND Close Future Change
4,766.18 4,761.5 -10.75

What is e-mini S&P futures?

The S&P 500 E-mini is a futures contract representing 1/5 the value of a standard S&P 500 futures contract. 1. S&P 500 E-minis have become the primary futures trading vehicle for the S&P 500, dwarfing volume in the standard S&P 500 futures contracts.

What is the ticker for S&P futures?

Investors have two choices when seeking S&P 500 futures. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) offers an S&P 500 futures contract known as the “big contract” with a ticker symbol of SP. It also offers an E-mini contract with a ticker symbol of ES.

How much is micro e-mini futures contract?

For example, the S&P 500 Micro E-mini has a $5 multiplier, while the E-mini version has a $50 multiplier….How do they work?

Index S&P 500
Micro E-mini Contract Micro E-mini S&P 500 futures (MES)
E-mini Contract Size $50 x S&P 500 Index
Micro E-mini Contract Size $5 X S&P 500 Index

What is the pre market doing today?


Dow Futures 36,418.00 +192.00
Nasdaq Futures 16,442.50 +121.75
SP 500 Futures 4,789.75 +31.25

Does pre market effect opening price?

Impact on Opening Prices Their anticipation and trading plans will impact the opening prices, which will generally open in the direction of extended hours’ prices.

Where can I trade Emini futures?

E-mini S&P 500 futures are traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and allow traders to gain exposure to the S&P 500 index, a widely recognized barometer of the U.S. stock market.

What is the current Emini contract?

Futures Overview

Indexes Last Chg %
E-Mini Dow Continuous Contract $36,344 0.33%
E-Mini S&P 500 Future Continuous Contract $4,776.75 0.38%
E-Mini Nasdaq 100 Index Continuous Contract $16,392.75 0.44%

What are two differences between hedgers and speculators?

Hedgers try to reduce the risks associated with uncertainty, while speculators bet against the movements of the market to try to profit from fluctuations in the price of securities. Both may swim against the tide of market sentiment, but they do so out of very different motives.

Can you make money trading micro futures?

The same intraday margin on the ES futures contract would cost traders $500 of margin to place the trade. Each tick in the MES is worth $1.25 per contract, which means if you are down on the trade by one tick, that will amount to -$1.25 loss, and if you are up by one tick, that would equal $1.25 of profit for you.

What are futures doing now?

Index Futures

*DOW FUT 36,335 +0.3
*S&P FUT 4,774.5 +0.34
*NAS FUT 16,379 +0.36
*S&P MID MINI 2,846.3 +0.3

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