What are the national symbols of Bhutan?

What are the national symbols of Bhutan?

National symbols of Bhutan. The national symbols of Bhutan include the national flag, national emblem, national anthem, and the mythical druk thunder featured in all three. Other distinctive symbols of Bhutan and its dominant Ngalop culture include Dzongkha, the national language; the Bhutanese monarchy; and the driglam namzha,

What is the national flower and butterfly of Bhutan?

National Butterfly: Ludlow’s Bhutan Swallowtail, a rare endangered butterfly was declared as the National Butterfly in 2011. It was rediscovered in the country in 2009 after 75 years. National Flower: Blue poppy (Meconopsis Grandis) is a rare flower and grows only in high altitudes.

What is the national bird of Bhutan?

The national bird is the raven. As noted above, it the most prominent component of the royal crown. In Bhutan, the raven represents the deity Gonpo Jarodongchen, the raven-headed Mahakala, one of the country’s chief guardian deities.

What does the color of the kabney mean in Bhutan?

The color of the Kabney designates the rank of a person. National Game: Archery is the national game of Bhutan. The bow and arrow plays a significant role in many Bhutanese myths and legends. It was declared the national sport in 1971 when Bhutan became a member of the United Nations.

The national symbols of Bhutan are established by both law and tradition. Of all, the national flag, emblem and the anthem are modern with the mythical Druk thunder featured. The others have traditional Buddhist mythology behind them which are believed to be much older than the kingdom itself.

What is the National Day of Bhutan?

National Day: December 17 is marked and celebrated as the National day. This was the day the First King of Bhutan was crowned at the Punakha Dzong in 1907. National Language: Bhutan is a multi-lingual society. There are 19 different languages and dialects spoken in the country.