What are tapping sleeves?

What are tapping sleeves?

Tapping Sleeves are used when tapping into a pipe while it is under pressure. Hot Tapping Sleeves come in a variety of styles; Shop Coated Carbon Steel, Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel or All 304 or 316 Stainless Steel. Tapping Sleeves are normally flanged, but smaller sizes can come with threaded outlets.

What is a TS&V?

There are many other commonly used names for hot tapping – including wet tapping, pressure tapping, and TS&V (short for tapping sleeve & valve). Mickie Service company has access to a large inventory of tapping sleeves and valves and a highly trained team of technicians.

What is the difference between a tapping sleeve and a tapping saddle?

Use of service saddles eliminate problems common to direct taps, such as leaking threads or split pipe and they reinforce the critical connection. JCM Tapping Sleeves place design emphasis on eliminating problems inherent with older pipe and field installations.

What is wet tapping water main?

Wet tapping is the process of connecting new pipe to an existing pipe installation without having to interrupt the service at any point. In most installations, a tapping sleeve is used to cover the existing pipe that is about to be tapped and have new pipe added on to it.

What is a water sleeve?

A sleeve valve is a device typically used in a water supply or distribution system when there is a need to reduce high pressure or throttle flow. The sleeve valve consists of a cylindrical gate (tube) which slides over an inner sleeve.

What is a tapping saddle?

Tapping saddles are ideal for service connections and provide an effective means of conducting an under pressure tapping. The saddle body supplies a strong reinforced aperture for the parent and offtake pipe.

How do you test a tap sleeve?

Measure outside diameter of pipe and compare it with OD range of sleeve to verify that correct size of tapping sleeve is being installed. 3. Thoroughly clean pipe surface where sleeve will be installed so it is free of dirt, corrosion or other debris that could impair gasket seal.

What is a Megalug?

The Series 1100 MEGALUG® Mechanical Joint Restraints effectively and economically restrain Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP) to mechanical joints above or below ground, for practically any application including valves, hydrants, and pipe.

What is PVC saddle?

A PVC saddle tee can be used to quickly add a tee in an existing PVC pipe such as those used in irrigation systems. These PVC fittings are available in many sizes and can be found at most home improvement stores and irrigation supply stores.

How do you tap into a live water main?

It involves placing a tapping fitting onto a water main, in addition to a gate or ball valve that will control the water. After the fitting and valve are in place, the main is then tapped, with the valve being closed before the drill is detached.

How do you tap into an existing water line?

Situate the water line tapping saddle onto the pipe and clamp into place. Begin rotating the tap screw until it pierces the piping. Slowly unscrew the tapping screw and remove saddle device.