What are archarchitectural shingles?

What are archarchitectural shingles?

Architectural shingles were developed in the 70’s for the high end home market. Home owner’s were looking for an asphalt shingle product that had the architectural appearance of cedar shingles while providing the performance of asphalt. OK– Here’s the deal—-Listen I’ve done a few roofs in my life.

When did Peter Martienssen start his design practice?

On one of his trips abroad in 1934 he met Le Corbusier, which was to be the start of an enduring friendship. In the same year Martienssen established a practice in Johannesburg, and designed his own home House Martienssen in Greenside – a house quite remarkable even by current standards.

Who was Alfred Martienssen?

Because of his early death while training as a lieutenant in the South African Air Force in World War II, Martienssen was unable to implement many of his ideas, but he left a rich legacy of writings to posterity. He studied at the University of Witwatersrand and obtained a B.Arch. in 1930, an M.Arch in 1940 and a D.Litt. in 1941.

Who is Rex Distin Martienssen?

Rex Distin Martienssen, ARIBA, CIAM, 26 February 1905 Queenstown – 23 August 1942 Pretoria, was a South African architect who was greatly influenced by Le Corbusier and spearheaded a modernist architectural movement in South Africa .

Architectural shingles are thicker asphalt shingles that can create the appearance of visually stunning natural roofing like slate, cedar, or clay tiles at a fraction of the cost. Because of their extra thickness and contouring, they are slightly more expensive than traditional asphalt shingles,…

How did roofing design change in the 1980s?

Thirty years ago a generation of products redefined roofing design, and they continue to inspire today. In the 1980s, enhancements to the dimensional shingle resulted in a new generation of high-quality asphalt roofing products with distinctive, often dramatic, appearances.

What’s the difference between architectural shingles and 3 tab shingle roofs?

What’s the Difference Between Architectural Shingles and 3 Tab Shingles? Architectural shingles are thicker asphalt shingle types that can create the appearance of visually stunning natural roofing like slate, cedar, or clay tiles at a fraction of the cost.

Are architectural shingles worth the extra cost?

There are a few reasons that homeowners consider architectural shingles to be worth the extra cost. They are more expensive than their cheaper traditional asphalt shingle counterpart, however they have an average of a 6% return on investment for your home’s value and outlast traditional shingles with a 30 to 50 year lifespan.